Alexa, Please Unlock My Door: August Home Meets Amazon

Locking and unlocking the front door can now be added to the list of Amazon Alexa’s smart home capabilities, thanks to a new skill added for August Home’s smart lock products.

August Home Inc. announces its branded August Smart Lock will be the first of its kinds to launch on Alexa-enabled devices. This will allow Alexa’s voice-controlled platform to lock and unlock doors.

In a press release regarding the announcement, sources at both Amazon and August hint that this is not the last you’ll be hearing of their partnership. “This marks the first announcement in an ongoing relationship we have with Amazon,” says Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home.

Charlie Kindel, director at Amazon Alexa Smart Home, cites the company’s excitement to work with August and expand its smart home capabilities.

“The Alexa smart home category has been tremendously popular with our customers and continues to grow with great developers, such as August, introducing new Alexa capabilities, showcasing the benefit of hands-free, voice control throughout the home,” says Kindel.

Builders can pair Alexa with either the first or second generation smart lock from August. They can enable the smart lock skill within the Alexa app.

However, in a slight drawback, the pairing of Alexa and August requires the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, which is an additional purchase. This is due to the fact that August, a Bluetooth device, will need to convert to Wi-Fi to connect with an Alexa-enabled platform.

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