Meet Our Speakers: Lennar’s Lessons in Lifestyle Packaging

Lennar sets industry precedents when it comes to lifestyle packaging, and one of the national homebuilder’s very own will be bringing this knowledge to the TecHome Builder Summits, being held in Fort Worth, Texas from December 7 to 9.

Dennis Jaglinski, regional purchasing manager for Lennar Homes, will speak in the Summits’ executive program session, “Lifestyle Packaging to Lure Clients with Tech.” Here, he will discuss how Lennar leads the charge on standard technology lifestyle packaging with its “Everything’s Included” promise.

We spoke to Jaglinski about what he’s most excited for regarding the Summits, the knowledge he will bring to this particular session and his own perspectives on where the industry is heading.

How did you get started in this industry? What led you to your current position at Lennar?

Basically, I started in the construction industry almost 20 years ago. I started off as being a superintendent, or builder, for a local builder here in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. From there, I went more towards a purchasing/estimating background with my knowledge of what the builders need in the field. I thought that, with my analytical skills, I could better serve the homebuilder by being in a purchasing/estimating role. Then, I joined Lennar almost nine years ago. At first, I was made an estimating manager, then design manager and then, about four years ago, I was made Regional Purchasing Manager.

Over these two decades, when did you see technology really start to play a role in the industry?

Really, technology was first introduced more in office operations. Before, when I was a builder, we had to fax in orders. Then, the development of computer systems allowed the communication to be done electronically rather than a manual process. That’s when I first saw that, which was probably 15-plus years ago.

When would you say technology began to penetrate the residential space?

I would say it’s been strong within the past five to seven years.

Technology plays a huge role in how Lennar sells its homes. In your session, you’ll be talking about your “Everything’s Included” promise, which is used to sell standard technology in the homes Lennar offers. Why do you feel lifestyle packaging like this is important?

With the different packaging we do through “Everything’s Included,” we are able to meet the demands of what people would like in their homes, and offer it to them in different packages. This way, they don’t really have to say, “Oh, I like this but don’t want to jeopardize giving up this.” We try to, in each of our markets, listen to consumers and see what they are interested in. We were one of the first homebuilders to introduce keyless lock systems. Now, everybody seems to have some sort of option to have that technology in their home. 

Are you currently exploring any other options in terms of lifestyle packaging?

We are exploring other options, some that I cannot discuss at this time. But, we do also look at generation-type buyers too. We have a program called “Next Gen.” This is a home within a home. Basically, if you wanted to use this for elderly parents that need assistance but you don’t want to move them into your house, they could have a separate entryway and be close to your home without you having them live in assisted living. Or, it could be a college student who just graduated and doesn’t want to live in an apartment yet. He could live with the parents, but separate from them at the same time. It’s the same roof structure, but it would be where he would have privacy from living with his parents.

That’s a really interesting concept. When did Lennar introduce this?

We introduced this about three years ago. It started off in our Vegas market, and it’s been very successful. 

With lifestyle packaging, you need to appeal to different demographics. What are the technology-related trends you have witnessed with different generations, like Millennials and Boomers?

With technology, the more exposure that [the homebuyer] has to technology relates to what they ask for in their homes. You know, home automation is very important to consumers, especially from Baby Boomers on. It’s the Millennial type buyers that want even smaller homes with all the conveniences to be as automated as possible. It goes with their various lifestyles.  

What are you most looking forward to at the TecHome Builder Summits?

I’m looking forward to the exposure of all the different entities that are being brought to this show. For example, with the tech suppliers, maybe there are other areas we can explore towards what we offer as standard in our homes. But we can also meet other homebuilders to see what challenges they have. I think if we all work together we can meet the demands of the consumer who is more educated through the different products they see on TV, or magazines, or on the Internet. I think if you’re educated, you make the buyer feel more comfortable by making sure that they know the largest investment of their life is going to be taken care of, because the builder has already researched what is important to them.

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