New ADT Partnership Blends Insurance, Security and Automation

A new partnership between insurance company Chubb and ADT Security Services is providing protection to clients of the connected home and could change the way builders do business.

This relationship between Chubb and ADT is designed to provide ADT’s specialized home protection services to Chubb’s high-net-worth personal insurance customers in the United States.

“There is nothing in my mind more analogous and synergistic than the insurance industry with security and automation,” says Tim Mckinney, vice president of sales for ADT Custom Home Services.

Connected Services & Property Protection

Through this partnership, Chubb customers may be eligible for a 10 percent discount on the installation of an ADT security system, plus up to 10 percent savings on their homeowners’ insurance premium. They can also receive free installation of ADT Safewatch Cellguard, which provides backup cellular service for the security system and transmits alarm signals to ADT if a landline is not working.

The offerings from ADT Custom Home Service also includes access to property protection, including personalized local service and 24/7 professional monitoring against intrusion, fire, smoke, flood and carbon monoxide.

ADT Pulse.
ADT Pulse

Mckinney notes that this level of property protection is key, especially considering that the majority of claims are due to water damage above all else (average water-based claims typically fall at around $50,000).

“With climate control within the home automation, flood centers, as well as working directly with companies that provide shut off to the main, these services protect the client from a major loss for sure,” says Mckinney.

Additionally, clients can benefit from ADT Pulse, the company’s home automation and security solution.

Benefits for Builders

Perhaps most striking about the partnership between ADT and Chubb is the possibilities it presents for builders and the connected home industry as a whole.

“From a builder’s perspective, when they’re designing and building a home, they need to consider protection for fire and security in the plans,” says Maria Cordeiro, assistant vice president, client services manager for Chubb. “This is so critical in those stages where the home is still in the course of construction.”

Mckinney states that most of the early on traffic related to this partnership has been new construction, which has led to the Course of Construction (CoC) program. ADT installs a temporary system once doors and windows are fitted, in order to provide builders with a sense of what the connected home will be.

“It’s great for the builder, because they have those security solutions directly on site,” says Mckinney.

ChubbLogoThrough this, security and automation can be anticipated during the building process.

“This is where we are going—the connected home. A home that goes beyond just security,” says Cordeiro. “And it’s moving quite quickly, especially when you talking about the Internet of Things.”

Because of the connected home’s evolution, partnerships such as that between Chubb and ADT could mean major shifts for how industry leaders connect and build their respective businesses. Many companies—whether they be insurance, integration, manufacturing or building—will begin to enter this space and attempt to work together to achieve the best possible solutions for the homeowner.

“I think, ultimately, everybody will be looking to make these types of alignments when it makes sense for the client,” says Cordeiro. “It’s just a matter of making sure we are thinking about the customer first.”

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