2017 TecHome Builder Summit LUX Guest Group Fully Recruited

Top luxury builders from around the country will convene in Phoenix, Dec. 4-6 to seek new ways to thrill and delight clients and push the envelope with tech in the homes they build.

Luxury builders interested in the best home technology options are flocking to the TecHome Builder Summit. The LUX segment of the 2017 Summit is now fully booked with tech thought leaders from the nation’s best luxury builders.

At this year’s TecHome Builder Summit, nearly 80 of the country’s leading luxury home builders will come together for 2.5 days of idea and best practice sharing, market information and high-quality engagements with sponsoring companies.

Of the 78 LUX guests who will be in attendance at this year’s Summit, 44 also attended the 2016 event, showing just how excited they are about learning more about the latest in home technology products and trends. Among the attendees will be leaders from top builders like Bost Custom Homes, Cataldo Homes, Cudmore Builders, the Fetchel Company and Kurtz Homes. To view the complete 2017 LUX guest list, click here. In total, they represent about $900 million in total annual revenue.

“We’re excited to be hosting a group of truly progressive luxury builders at TecHome Builder LUX 2017,” said AE Ventures guest relations specialist Kaleigh Barrasso.
“This year’s program will help leading companies not only incorporate more technology amenities into their homes, but aid them in creating an exquisite experience for their clients, from tech selection to initial orientation and on-going usage. Guests are also eager to gain valuable information and advice from sponsoring vendors of home automation, AV and security; advanced HVAC and IAQ; Smart Electrical & Lighting; Kitchen, Bath and Laundry Tech and Smart Water.”

Here are some of the reasons why LUX guests love the TecHome Builder Summit:

“The Summit provides good interaction with vendors and other high-end builders to gain better understanding of how to migrate through the tech revolution.”

“The vendor boardroom presentations and one-on-one meetings provide the most direct opportunity for learning about specific, directly applicable products and services.”

“I love learning about what’s on the horizon matched against meeting vendors who can help with both immediate and long-term needs.”

Sponsoring companies are able to hold guaranteed one-on-one meetings and small group presentations with these luxury builders who are developing and refining their tech strategies. For sponsorship information, contact Jeff Verklan at
jeff@ae-ventures.com or 508-618-8333.

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