Announcing Topics for General Sessions

HiVol, LUX and Multifam guests will each take in dedicated session content designed to help them take their business to the next level with tech.

The TecHome Builder Summit, taking place in Phoenix, Ariz. Dec. 4-6, again will be delivering general sessions that will inform and inspire guests to make the next step forward in tech. This thought-provoking content, provided largely by market leading design/build peers and trade allies, is a significant part of what makes the Summit the tech strategy event for the nation’s top homebuilders.

HiVol, LUX and Multifam guests each will have their own content tracks, including sessions on topics tailored specifically toward their needs and aspirations. Each track also includes the Summit’s signature roundtable sessions, which drive guests to jointly brainstorm new ideas and strategies and share best practices.

Here are some of the responses from guests at last year’s Summit on the quality of the general sessions:

“There were exceptionally informative sessions that didn’t present one right way to include technology in today’s construction. It impartially educated us on multiple perspectives.” 

“The general presentations were put together well. It’s nice to hear what others are doing and to know that they are working through the same issues that we are as a company. This gave me a chance to hear how they approach different issues and gave me a different path to consider, which was very meaningful.”

“It’s great to hear the leaders in these industries speak among themselves. When you get the heads of these companies up on stage in an open forum where builders can ask questions and hear them hash it out between themselves, you get a real insight as to what direction different companies are going in, and just an overall general understanding about where technology is going to take us.”

Featured Educational Sessions

HiVol – The Dollars and Sense of Tech
Looking for the business case for a sustained investment in delivering the TecHome? Look no further than this session. We’ll cover how technology can help builders steal market share from the existing home market, how it can help builders win the business and long-term loyalty of millennial buyers, how it can increase per home revenue and profit and how it can deliver post-occupancy recurring revenue. It all adds up to the rationale you need to justify your investments in developing a tech strategy and the ecosystem of vendors and contractors you need to execute on it.

LUX – Over-the-Top Technology – Tech Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous  
How do you push the envelope on technology with luxury buyers? Just like you do with any other feature of the home. Show them the coolest tech plays that luxury buyers are making, paint the picture of the experience and work with your tech partners to actually deliver it. This session provides a glimpse at award-winning luxury tech projects and explores the ways you can leverage examples and experiences to get your clients to go big on tech.

Multifam – Technology Master Planning
What are the elements of a multifamily home technology master plan? How does it increase the probability of tech making a difference in the sale and rental of units? How does it increase the ultimate satisfaction of residents? Who can help you develop and implement your plan? How do you develop tech plans for public spaces that are complementary and harmonious with the tech that you include in units? We’ll get on top of these and other questions in this first-of-its-kind session.

For a complete schedule and descriptions of the general sessions, click here.
“We’re covering some of the most compelling opportunities and toughest challenges to gain traction with tech in this year’s program,” said John Galante, president of AE Ventures. “Combined with boardroom presentations and scheduled one-on-one meetings with our sponsors, these session will provide builders and architects the immersion they need to develop strong tech strategies.”
To apply as a hosted guest, contact Kaleigh Barrasso at or 508-802-4715. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Jeff Verklan at or 508-618-8333.
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