EVENT UPDATE: TecHome Builder Summit relocates to Kansas City, August 10-12

 The TecHome Builder Summit is relocating from Orlando, FL to Kansas City in recognition of a recent increase in active COVID case projections for Florida during the planned event dates, August 10-12. 

  • Kansas City straddles Kansas (projecting the 6th lowest COVID infection rate in the US on August 10) and Missouri (projecting to be #19). 
  • The combined infection rate of the two states is projected to be 0.0093% on August 10, which is 87% lower than the projected US average of 0.074% and 84% lower than the projected Florida infection rate of 0.059%. 
  • Rate of infection among the population one encounters in a specific place or while traveling is a key factor in determining risk of infection. 

Kansas City is also a centrally located destination featuring world famous BBQ and a great music and arts scene that the Summit will tap. The Summit will be held at the all-new Loews Kansas City Hotel. 

“We’ve been monitoring the COVID situation closely, utilizing active case data generated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s COVID Analytics project,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “When the data in Florida started trending toward higher levels, we decided to move the event to a safer location. The data and other considerations like ease and brevity of travel pointed us to the great new option of producing the event in KC.” 

In addition to studying comparative infection rates to site the event, AE has been working to develop a COVID-19 Risk Calculator based on infection rates and effectiveness rates for practices like social distancing and mask-wearing which will be in place at the event and recommended to participants during travel. While still under development and pending validation, preliminary estimates of the likelihood of becoming infected at the event and during travel to and from come to less than one-thousandth of a percent. 


  • How will the move affect event attendance and sponsor participation? 

Very positively! Headlines on the spike in cases in Florida had confirmed participants on both sides of the aisle considering canceling their trip to a location increasingly perceived as one of the US hot spots. KC is and will be in a much better place vs. Orlando and Florida and is centrally located in the US to cut down air travel times for those flying to the event. 

  • Why Kansas City? 

Health, safety, convenience for travel and availability of first-class facilities were key factors. Man’s primitive desire for BBQ in the summertime was a secondary consideration. 

  • Why don’t you just cancel the event like other trade shows? 

With precision control of people flows and total attendance of just a few hundred, the Summit format and size facilitate safe operation in the COVID environment. At a more philosophical level, we believe COVID will be a factor for many months, and you can only stay hunkered down so long. At some point, those without underlying health conditions or age-related risks can venture forward into productive activity in a smart way. AE Ventures is proud to help the leaders in tech and housing step out of their bunkers to a safe place where they can work together to seize a moment of incredible need and opportunity.

TecHome Builder Summit Kansas City Safe Operation Action Plan 

  • Pre-Event
    • Participants required to attest to their health status as a condition to get attendance credentials
    • Participants will be sent guidance on safe travel and at-event health safety procedures in advance of travel to the event
  • At-Event
    •  General
      • Face coverings required in boardrooms, general sessions and exhibits
      • Participants are expected to bring their own face coverings, but a supply will be available on-site
      • Temperature scan for participants may be administered upon admission to the event
      • Floor graphics implemented to facilitate appropriate distancing for queues
      • Touch-free disinfectant distributed throughout the facility
      • No handshakes, kisses or hugs at the event
      • Enhanced sanitation protocols by hotel staff
      • Event management will monitor for participants that display COVID symptoms, contact trace within the event and work to isolate sick and contacted participants if necessary
    • In the Exhibition
      • One-way aisles to limit face-to-face contact
      • Space set-up guidelines to encourage adequate distancing of meetings among neighboring sponsors
    • Boardrooms
      • Guests will not gather in groups to walk to boardroom presentations. They will be directed to navigate to boardrooms on schedule while maintaining adequate physical distancing
      • Rooms set classroom-style with adequate spacing between chairs and presenters
      • Room managers monitor attendance and wipe-down chairs, tables and AV between presentations
    • General Sessions/Networking
      • Sanitizer stations will be available at entrance of meeting rooms
      • Assigned seating with adequate social distancing
      • All food and beverage will be handled by venue staff only
  • After Event
    • Event management will conduct ongoing health check communications with participants for one month and provide alerts regarding any participants who may test positive for COVID during this period
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