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TecHome Builder Adds Focus on Single Family Rental Homes

New SFR Technology Vision Paper now available; general sessions, webcasts and a special executive briefing planned for 2023 and 2024.

Hundreds of builders across the country are now designing, building and sometimes managing single-family rental (SFR) homes. As it does in the built-to-sell/own market, technology increases the appeal of SFR homes for residents, but it also can play a critical role in operating expense savings and protection against property crimes, accidents and hazards that impact SFR residents and property operators. The bottom line is: technology contributes strongly to SFR property profitability and value.

In response to the trend, TecHome Builder has developed an SFR Technology Vision Paper that explains the features, benefits and advantages of technology applications in the SFR market. The paper also explores how the semi-annual TecHome Builder Summit (THBS) can be of service to builders looking to get tech right for SFR.

Starting at the THBS Fall 2023 Summit, SFR tech applications will be covered in appropriate HiVOL general sessions, and next fall a special pre-con executive briefing will dive deep into the integration of property management tech and IoT devices to drive net operating income for SFR property operators.

TecHome Builder will also air a five-episode webcast series on SFR Tech in Q1 2024. Preliminary episode topics include:

  • Security & Safety
  • Connectivity, Comfort, Convenience, Control
  • SFR Property Management Systems & Devices
  • Media, Entertainment & Productivity
  • Smart Power, Smart Water & SFR

“TecHome Builder is excited about the potential for home and property management technology in the emerging SFR market,” said AE Ventures president John Galante. “Many tech features from the built-to-sell market have equal appeal and utility in the SFR world, but there’s a different set of priorities and connectivity to head-end property monitoring and control tech and services becomes essential for operating efficiency and expense savings. It’s a great new frontier with lots of opportunity and lessons to learn.”

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