Nexia Adds Vognition Voice Control to Home Bridge

Home automation platform Nexia has added voice control from Vognition to its Home Bridge.

It’s a move that builds upon the voice control trends currently dominating the TecHome industry.

Vognition is an Oakland-based, natural-voice-control startup that was incubated in the NJIT Enterprise Development Center in Newark, N.J. The company’s voice control operates through a mobile app with a microphone button prominently displayed on its home page. Users will be able to tap the button and tell the Nexia system what to do.

According to the company, there is no training involved, because Vognition understands what you say regardless of how you say it.

Through the Nexia platform, users will be able to control switches, dimmers, ceiling fan controls, thermostats, locks, garage door controls and sensors using only their voice. Nexia has begun selling these new features in the U.S. through the company’s sales force, says Michael Liguori, Vognition founder and CEO.

He also adds that Vognition has begun marketing its technology to other smart home companies for platform integration.

“One of the key advantages of Vognition is that it provides a full smart-home voice portal solution crossing iOS, Android, Windows, Echo, wearables and any other voice portals, so the user can choose any voice portal to control their smart home,” says Liguori.

Some examples of simple voice commands that can be executed through Vognition are “turn all the lights on,” “lower the thermostat” or “lock the front door.” With voice control trends on the rise, the automated life is only getting easier.

For builders, this will certainly increase the appeal of the Nexia platform. As voice control becomes integrated into more smart home systems, the TecHome builder will need to consider these factors as clients will be demanding them.

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