Savant Releases New Skill for Amazon Alexa

The new functionality allows users to have an enhanced interaction with their Savant smart home using voice control.

Savant Systems has taken another step forward in voice control. The company has released a new skill that integrates it with Amazon Alexa, allowing users another way to communicate with their smart home system.

The new skill will allow users to have their Alexa device create a Savant Scene, enable the Savant Skill in the Alexa app and link their account. Setting up this skill does not require any additional installations. Alexa will simply discover it as a new Amazon Smart Home Skill that can be accessed by voice command.

“Our objective is to deliver the best smart home user experience along with leading edge innovations that bring added value for our network of integrators,” says Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “Adding further voice control options with our Alexa skill accomplishes both without question.” 

The skill is based on cloud-to-cloud communication between Savant’s and Amazon’s services, and leverages the power of Savant’s robust cloud infrastructure. Users can maintain seamless Alexa functionality when initiating, scheduling, editing or deleting a Savant Scene through its scene engine.

Savant is a recognized leader in home control and automation, bringing together the four pillars of automation – climate, lighting, entertainment and energy. The company first did that with voice control with its pioneering Savant Pro Remote. Adding to it the new Alexa skill, Savant users will truly have the ultimate smart home experience.

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