Sonnen Launches Home Battery to Target Mass Market

Sonnen has released a smaller, cost-effective home battery system that opens up power storage options for builders looking to install solar as standard.

Last year, Sonnen unveiled the Eco Protect home battery. Designed for off-grid installations, Sonnen’s first home battery fell short in the mass market due to its $10,000 price point.

Sonnen’s newest home battery, the Eco Compact, uses the same self-learning software as the Eco Protect but at 40 percent of the cost. The Compact starts at $5,950, while the Protect starts at $10,000.

Sonnen’s base price may seem expensive, but it does come with the inverter as standard. Most others on the market don’t offer that.

The Compact has been designed for the traditional mass market home, meaning that this system has shed some of the off-grid capabilities that the Protect utilizes. Some grid-tied functions that the Compact supports include increased household solar self-consumption, managed time-of-use and the support of grid services.

Sonnen's home battery can be expanded upon to increase power storage.
Sonnen’s home battery can be expanded upon to increase power storage.

And Sonnen has a lot of competition. The home battery market has recently become crowded with major names such as Tesla launching home batteries. But how does Sonnen’s battery compare with Tesla’s?

The Compact is a 4-Killowatt-hour (kWh) system, the Powerwall is a 7kWh system. Sonnen’s standard package is smaller than Tesla’s, but it stands out for its unique ability to be expanded. The Compact’s modular design allows the system to be easily expanded in 4kWh increments, providing up to 16kWh from a single unit.

Sonnen also guarantees its battery for up to 10,000 cycles, which makes it even more competitive against Tesla’s Powerwall, which is guaranteed for around 10 years or 5,000 cycles.

As a standalone unit, the Compact falls short in regards to power storage. But once expanded upon, the system can work more effectively and appeal to a wider range of homes than Tesla.

Using these expansions, builders could use Sonnen to roll-out battery solutions across a range of homes. Smaller homes may be better off with the standard Compact, while larger homes may require a couple expansions to meet the home’s needs.

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