Sponsors Bringing Big New Tech Products to 2018 TecHome Builder Summit

Builder guests at this year’s event will be meeting with representatives from many industry leading tech vendors, and they will be bringing some innovative products that could wow their homebuyers.

When builders return to Phoenix for the 2018 TecHome Builder Summit, they will see many recognizable names among the more than 100 sponsoring companies eager to meet with them over the course of 2.5 days. And, these vendors will be looking to impress them with an array of new products that could become the new wave in home technology.

Here are just a few of the companies bringing their new technologies to builders at the event.

Danby is one of the largest household appliance marketing companies in North America. The company will be making its TecHome Builder Summit debut this year and will be showing off a product geared toward 21st century homebuyers.

With online ordering becoming a growing part of everyday life, Danby’s Parcel Guard smart mailbox is designed to protect a homeowner’s package deliveries that are made when there is no one home. The 3.6-cubic-foot box can be affixed to the front porch and connected to Wi-Fi. It includes features such as a weight monitor, resettable combo lock and an app to help a user track packages.

“The TecHome Builder Summit is going to be an amazing event for us,” says Danby product manager Cory Weirmier. “We are trying to get people to understand it’s a product you need to see and touch and feel. That’s why it will be great to have it at the show and see how it fits in with their needs and their customers’ needs.”

The Summit comes at the perfect time for Danby as the Parcel Guard will be available beginning in January.

Nortek Security & Control’s ELAN Home Systems recently unveiled several new products that will appeal to builders looking to improve their home tech packages, which include two new intelligent touch panels.

The panels include voice control, IntelliVision face recognition and high-resolution video. The options allow users to personalize their system in more ways than ever before.

“With the control enabled by face recognition and voice, these new interfaces go way beyond what we’d normally call a ‘touch’ panel,” explains ELAN product manager Jeff Shaw. “They are fully interactive control panels that redefine what smart home control can be.”

The touch panels are available in both 8” and 12” models and will begin shipping in Q2 of 2019.

A global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand will be putting an emphasis on mobile charging.

“Mobile charging is an emerging technology trend,” explains Legrand VP of sales Bob Fallert. “As manufacturers develop products that have this type of charging, you’re either going to have to buy a charger from them or you could have it built into your home and have it ready for the plug-in. And you can put them in the right spots, such as a gaming console area, center island in the kitchen, backsplash area or master bedroom.”

Fallert and his team will be featuring some of the company’s leading outlet options from the adorne and radiant collections. These solutions can offer faster forms of charging like USB-C charging, which provides a faster charge that a standard outlet and are becoming much more desirable by homeowners.



sonnen is taking energy storage to the next level by combining it with home automation. The company, known for its sonnenBatterie, recently launched its ecoLinx product platform, which is the first to seamlessly integrate leading home automation systems with intelligent energy storage and solar panels.

The ecoLynx system intelligently manages energy usage and configures backup power and home automation demand control. The system also can communicate with the grid to shift load as needed.

“Builders are a key piece of this,” says sonnen senior vice president Blake Richetta. “The builders that are on the cutting edge will embrace this because of the extreme amount of differentiation that they get by being the healthy, clean community of the future. Homeowners believe in clean energy and they love this idea.”

The ecoLynx integrates directly with leading front-end home automation systems to fully manage a home’s energy usage.

These are just a few of the new and exciting tech developments builders will see from vendors at the 2018 TecHome Builder Summit. To see the complete list of companies sponsoring the event, click here.

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