Three Tech Trends Catch Custom Builder’s Eye at TecHome Builder Summits

TecHome Builder Summits’ advisor and custom homebuilder Jeff Hansell of Swiftwater Custom Homes offers his “hot take” on the event that just wrapped in Fort Worth, along with his views on the current state of the industry.

Hansell says voice control, virtual and augmented reality stood out as top trends at this year’s event.

“Since I’m a homebuilder, it’s been kind of fun for me to present what I’ve done with photos of projects. I had some interaction with other guests who asked me about what I’ve done, and it’s kind of fun to show off a little bit,” says Hansell of presenting in the Executive Program to a crowd of luxury builders.

The custom builder also took part in the Summits’ boardroom presentations and one-on-one meetings with sponsoring home technology companies. “I really enjoy the small groups and the potential for direct one-on-ones. When I go to some of the bigger shows, you get the broad-brush stroke, but it is very hard to have that direct one-one-one experience [with home tech companies],” he says.

“I recognize most of the products, but I think that by being a part of the TecHome family, I get information about these things all of the time. You guys are all really good at making sure I know what’s going on,” says Hansell about TecHome Builder’s weekly newsletters and web content.

Voice Control, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Three top home technology trends caught Hansell’s eye at this year’s Summits:

“[I’m] starting to understand how we can do some of the augmented and virtual reality, and what we can do to import that into how I do business,” says Hansell of the education session “Using LUX Tech to Sell Tech.”

Another session in the TecHome Builder Summits’ Executive Program that also struck the custom builder was “Living LUX 2025,” which featured where the industry is today and where it’s going in the next decade.

“I think the thing that’s most exciting to me is the integration of voice control and how much more simple it is now. Just even last year, it seemed very unapproachable for a guy like me. But now, I can envision how I can incorporate voice control into some of my homes quite easily, and get it going with my clients.”

And for our readers who couldn’t make it to this year’s event, Hansell offers a bit of advice on the state of the industry:

“I think it all seems to be about getting simple. How simple can we get, and the realization that it’s not just about the actual device. It’s more about how does it effects your lifestyle, and I think we are making that shift into paying less attention to the coolness of everything and more on how it can integrate into our daily lives.”

About the Author:

Jeff Hansell

Co-Owner, Swiftwater Custom Homes

Jeff Hansell is the co-owner of Swiftwater Custom Homes and has been in the homebuilding business since 1981. He has built homes all over Washington State and is now focusing on high-end custom homes in a resort community near Seattle. His primary demographic is twofold: empty nesters/retired couples and young tech families. Hansell has been active in various builder associations, serving as president of the Building Industry Association of Washington in 2006. He was inducted into the State Builders’ Hall of Fame in 2013.

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