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The world of tech at your fingertips, all on one screen

  • 150+ of the best tech vendors in the world to interact with attendees.
  • 200+ presentations on products, services and proven processes for working with builders and multifamily companies. You’ll take in:
    • Deep-dive boardroom presentations
    • Quick-hitting flyover presentations
    • New product introductions
    • Case studies of builder/multifamily company partnerships
    • Visions of homebuyer/renter home tech experiences and benefits.
    • Visions of builder tech solution buyer experiences
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  • Hundreds of new and featured products easily found via our Online Summit Featured Products Guide.
  • Hundreds of knowledgeable and helpful vendor staff ready to connect on-the-spot via video conference or schedule follow-up meetings.
  • And you’ll find the spiffs sponsors are providing at their booths and presentations with our Guide to Sponsor Giveaways and Drawings.


See it ● analyze it ● plan it ● do it

With nearly 20 years of hard-won experience in tech and housing, researching and serving builders, multifamily companies, their tech allies and homebuyers, TecHome Builder is a Content Master.

We have a long track record of presenting information and advice that is essential, up-to-date and, most important, actionable. TecHome Builder defines the market and identifies the issues on which it must focus to speed progress.

September 29 | Keynote

Essential Tech in a Post Pandemic World
BDX CEO Tim Costello in his unique, fast-paced, data-drenched, video-rich and irreverent style will present insights on how COVID has changed the tech landscape for builders and multifamily companies in both the tech they need to incorporate in homes and in their businesses.


September 30 | Keynote

Housing’s Post-Pandemic Purpose
Roy Spence is a master of purpose-driven living, leadership and business and, in this session, he turns his insights to the revised and expanded mission of America’s housing industry post pandemic. How do you deliver homes that align with the new needs and wants of homebuyers? How do you drive that revised purpose throughout your organization to not only deliver for your buyers but also lift employee engagement and drive? You’ll get the answers to these and more questions of the heart and strategic intent, all delivered in an entertaining and indelible way!


The Industry's Best Presenters, Including:

Jacob Atalla
KB Home

Joey Gendron
DR Horton

Chris Hartley
K Hovnanian

CR Herro
Meritage Homes

Brad Leavitt
A Finer Touch

Doug Metzger
JDL Development

Ingrid Prince
Trendmaker Homes


Big trade shows aren’t known for their personal customer service and likewise, their virtual events tend to be lacking in customer care. TecHome Builder has always been different with our in-person events, and we’re bringing the same to our Online Summit.

• Upon request, we can prepare draft customized itineraries for attendees based on needs and interests.
• We’ll also keep flowing information and implementation advice after the event to make your attendance count.
• Not sure what you want and how we might be able to help, call us and we can figure it out together!

The TecHome Builder Team


Update your home tech merchandise assortments, standard offers, option and upgrade packaging and go-to-market strategies.

Update your digital sales and marketing assets, strategies and tactics.

Get a hold of TecHome builder guides and research that will help you go faster and further on tech after the event!

Your company will save inestimable man-hours collecting this information and advice and see a huge pay-off through improved tech strategy and decision-making.

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