Download our Builder’s Guide to Developing a Winning Home Tech Strategy

Get ready for the Summit by downloading our Builder’s Guide to Developing a Winning Home Tech Strategy, which includes:

  • Tips on developing a tech-based competitive advantage
  • Essential research results from industry leader BDX
  • A complete guide to understanding home tech market segments and product categories
  • Steps to developing your winning home tech strategy

Developing the Perfect Tech Strategy

TecHome Builder Summit provides the tools you need to upgrade your tech offering and develop cutting-edge tech-based strategies. This event is designed with your personal needs in mind. Whether you are new to home technology or know your way around the industry, the TecHome Builder Summit is an intimate and collaborative event designed to help you develop the perfect technology strategy.

Helping You Win with Home Technology

The Summit is focused on helping you develop strategies for obtaining more homebuyers and increasing revenues with technology. More than 90% of consumers are aware of smart home technology and over 75% want to incorporate it into their homes. Whether or not you have a developed tech strategy, TecHome Builder Summit can help you improve and advance your current approach to generate crucial revenue for your company.  

Navigating a Growing Market

Surveys indicate that 9 in 10 home shoppers believe that offering smart home technology improves their opinion of a builder, while 8 in 10 think it makes the homebuilder’s constructions more competitive. Throughout the Summit, you can expect to receive more real-world insights from industry experts and the most valuable sources of all, your peers at other top homebuilding companies.

TecHome Builder Summit

Join us December 5-7, 2018 at the Phoenix Convention Center for an all-expense paid event. TecHome Builder Summit provides you with the tools to elevate your home tech strategy. At the Summit, high-volume, luxury, and multifamily homebuilders are invited to collaborate in a personalized setting. By attending the Summit, you will learn and build relationships with industry experts and your peers at other top homebuilding companies. Get ahead of the technology of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

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