Big Ass Fans® is known for its large, energy-efficient ceiling fans that bring comfort to workplaces and public spaces. Its residential division, Haiku Home, does the same thing for homes, with products that are as elegant as they are effective.

Haiku® ceiling fans have a world reputation for excellence and have collected more than 75 international awards for design and engineering. Available in indoor or outdoor models, they are absolutely silent and are made of only the highest quality materials, including aircraft-grade aluminum, Moso bamboo, and built-in LED. Haiku’s proprietary SenseME technology responds to temperature, humidity and occupancy and works with other Wi-Fi connected devices to create ultimate comfort and convenience. Or, if you prefer, operate the Haiku with a simple remote. We guarantee, you won’t miss the pull chain.

Haiku fans work automatically to keep you comfortable and save energy. They’re also beautiful to look at. That kind of simple, meaningful impact is at the heart of Haiku Home’s vision.

For more information: www.haikuhome.com

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