Icynene Classic Max Select

An economically smart one-and-done innovation from the spray foam industry leader, Icynene Classic Max Select eliminates the need for an ignition barrier in residential applications. A cost effective, high-performance alternative to other available products, Icynene Classic Max Select offers true home comfort, sound attenuation and air sealing all year round.

When compared to competitive sucrose-based products available on the market, Icynene Classic Max Select features better sprayability (meaning no dripping or shrinkage when sprayed) and has the ability to help shorten construction schedules and reduce material costs. Icynene Classic Max Select’s high-performance, cost effective formulation helps you stay ahead of the pack and secure lucrative residential projects. Icynene Classic Max Select continues to deliver incredible insulating and air sealing value and performance, as you would expect from the industry leader.


Core Density: 0.5 lb/ft3

R-Value: R 3.7 per 1”

Superior sound dampening qualities for quieter spaces to live, work, rest and play

Can be sprayed in a wide temperature range for applications, making it suitable for any climate

For more information: www.icynene.com

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