Warmup- 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat & MyHeating App

Warmup is proud to introduce the 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat and the MyHeating app for whole house comfort control.

The 4iE® was built so you wouldn’t have to touch it. It acts as a room-based control feature when you need to adjust the heat in a pinch, but most adjustments are made automatically via the self-learning and SmartGeo™ features.

The 4iE® will learn from your manual inputs and create a schedule based on those. That’s the self-learning feature of the 4iE®. The real innovation lies in the SmartGeo™ capability, which uses your cell phone location to determine whether you need heat or not. From there too, it deducts a schedule.

You never have to touch the thermostat. It will know whether you’re there or not, and whether you would like it warmer or not. Not only is it a dramatic shift in comfort, but it is a significant source of savings for the end-user.

The 4iE® is ideal for use with line voltage heating sources such as baseboards and electric underfloor heating systems.

The 4iE® is available from all Warmup resellers (see: www.warmup.com/find-a-reseller ). It is available in Onyx Black and Bright Porcelain. The MyHeating app for iOS and Android is free to download.

The 4iE® is designed to look great in both modern and traditionally styled homes, with high-gloss effect front faces, and bevelled chrome edges to reflect wall colours. A range of vinyl Overlays are available in bold colours and textured metal and wood effects. You can even use a custom photo to complement your wallpaper. The large colour touchscreen can be customized with different themes and uploadable photo backgrounds. There’s even a 7-day local weather forecast built in!

For more information: http://www.warmup.com/underfloor-heating orhttp://www.warmup.com/thermostats/4ie-smart-wifi

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