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  • 150+ of the best tech vendors in the world to interact with attendees.
  • 200+ presentations on products, services and proven processes for working with builders and multifamily companies.
  • Hundreds of new and featured products easily found via our Online Summit Featured Products Guide.
  • Hundreds of knowledgeable and helpful vendor staff ready to connect on-the-spot via private messages or follow-up meetings.


Customized Schedule

  • Save time researching product categories!
  • Attendees can fill out a survey outlining the product categories they are interested in.
  • After the schedule is created, attendees have the opportunity to review and change meetings as they choose.

Customized 1:1 Meetings

  • Attendees can request that we preschedule 1:1 meetings for them by taking a pre-event survey
  • Save time researching product categories and give them a sweeping overview of the vendors we have in categories of interest.


With nearly 20 years of hard-won experience in tech and housing, researching and serving builders, multifamily companies, their tech allies and homebuyers, TecHome Builder is a Content Master.

Format Change: 
Our interview-style general sessions will keep you engaged and informed.

New Element:
Interactive breakouts following each general session will allow attendees and sponsors to connect on each topic.


Today’s TecHome Builder Masters

Home technology has a been a powerful force in homebuilding long enough for true masters to emerge—leaders at homebuilding and multifamily companies with experience, rigor of process and operations and a vision for the right future plays that they methodically revisit and revise. Learn some of their secrets to success and gain insights into their plans in this first-of-its kind keynote session.


When you buy a new car, you expect an order of magnitude jump in performance and innovative features vs. the car you bought ten or even five years ago. With new homes, not so much. This session shows builders options for creating, marketing and selling an order of magnitude tech advantage for a new TecHome versus existing homes. Hint: it’s about going beyond tech that’s easily retrofit in an existing home!

The tech industry is relentless in its innovation, and TecHome Builders must be as well. In this session, we get expert insights into what the likely must-offer features will be in 2022. Some of it will be evolutions of today’s bestsellers; some of it, tech that becomes ready for prime time; some of it, tech you have never heard of before.

From PV generation to storage, switching, standby and intelligent toggling between storage and off-the-grid, the world of home power is becoming increasingly complex. It is also rich with opportunities to differentiate, add value and increase revenues and customer satisfaction for builders. In this session, we’ll walk through the changes that are here today and just over the horizon.


Multifamily developers, builders and operators are a financially driven lot, obsessed with ROI. Technology is no exception. In this session will walk through financial analysis and performance on multifamily tech from building management to the shared space and in-unit amenities.

Pandemic shocks to the multifamily rental market point to an era of hyper competition for fewer renters. Tech retrofits can be difference makers in the battle. This session is full of ideas, with concepts for cost justifying and financing the investments.

The tech industry is relentless in its innovation, and TecHome Multifamily Builders and Rental Property Operators must be as well. In this session, we get expert insights into what the likely must-offer features will be in 2022. Some of it will be evolutions of today’s bestsellers; some of it, tech that becomes ready for prime time; some of it, tech you have never heard of before.

Developing shared space amenities that are winners for residents is an art and a science, requiring a balance of amenities that are shared but used more individually and those that are truly communal and social. And, meeting/video conferencing space to theater/game-watch space to simple chilling space supported by wellness-oriented lighting, sound tech and air quality, tech is playing an increasingly critical role. This session is another virtual idea book of applications that you should consider for 2020 new construction and retrofit jobs.

Marketing & Sales Solutions

It’s no longer a question of if builders should be developing virtual tours of homes for buyers, but when and how. It’s also a new frontier for sales competition. What does it take to stand at or near the top in virtual tours? We’ll give you the ideas and a grading system that can get you to A!

We’re taking a look at fifty US builders and what happened or didn’t happen when we contacted them asking for information. Learn the best practices to handle online and in-person leads to improve your own customer journey from our group of experts as they share actionable items from this study.

It’s hard to be remembered in a sea of gray and white. After a weekend of model touring or website scrolling most consumers can’t recall the majority of builder brands they’ve come into contact with. So how do you stop the scroll? We review some copy-worthy strategies that you can implement today to make your brand more memorable.

We’ve come a long way with visualization and virtualization in the last couple of years but where are we headed. This session takes a look at the next generation of digital marketing engagement tools and techniques so you’re ready to keep competing for buyers’ time, attention, minds and hearts.


Tech strategy is implemented best by a multidisciplinary in-house team and key trade vendors. That makes it challenging to establish a vivid and up-to-date vision and to develop the integrated action plans that get it done.

The TecHome Builder Online Summit can help. Online content and vendor connections, enable multiple team members to take in the same presentations and inquire about the same products in a speedy and efficient way. And we can help you coordinate your plan of attack and debrief to make it extra-efficient.


"I like the fact that we were seeing the same info about products and ideas, and we were agreeing we needed to move forward with these plans. I thought the Online Summit was pretty successful and beneficial to us." — High-volume builder on bringing their team to the Online Summit

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