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Introducing your monthly Sponsor Participation Summary; a detailed document showcasing what leading manufacturers and service providers value at our events by their number of boardroom presentations, one-on-one meetings and general session sponsorships.

Find out exactly what other sponsors are doing at the TecHome Builder Summit this year!

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David Weekly Homes

Kurtz Homes

Columbia Homes

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“The main reason we chose the TecHome Builder Summit is the one-on-ones and, the uninterrupted, single attention to my presentation on my services and my products for 30 minutes that I get in one boardroom meeting with all the C-Level executives of big builders is what really excites me. Those 30 minutes are mine with their undivided attention. At least if there are 10 C-level executives who are listening to me, who are impressed with what I have and what my company has to offer and if they just accept me into their fraternity, maybe down the line they will do business with me.”
— Sagar Gupta, EVP of Design & Digital Marketing, Biorev


“Coming here to get the education about the different platforms, the different installers, the different new products that are coming, it’s absolutely mind-blowing, but it’s fun and exciting to see where the future is going. If you’re not here, you’re missing the education. I wish I had four or five members of our management team here to see what I see.”
— Greg Sewell, Sales Manager, Westin Homes

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