Engage with Tech-Forward Homebuilders

The TecHome Builder Summit will host 250 leaders from the nation’s top homebuilding companies. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to connect with various market sectors through pre-arranged, guaranteed engagements. Now is the time to engage and forge relationships with VIP-level builders as they evaluate and plan their technology play at the Summit.


Builders Are Embracing Technology Like Never Before

Flights, hotel accommodations, food, beverage, and registration costs for business leaders of top companies are paid for and arranged by the Summit organizer, AE Ventures. In recognition of these benefits, guests contractually commit to attend the Summit from start to finish and follow a detailed itinerary of activities at the event, including scheduled meetings with sponsors. 

Summit sponsors can connect with hosted guests via:

Pre-arranged 35-minute small group (boardroom) presentations

Scheduled 15-minute one-on-one meetings

10 minute presentations to the entire audience

Social/networking events and the Summit’s exhibit hours



Get Our 2017 Guest List & Free Guest Statistics

2017 Guest Firmographics Report Sneak Peek

The 2017 Guest Firmographics report includes important statistics regarding a preliminary guest list (with more coming). It also contains information regarding industry vertical expected revenue, projected employee counts, and total units built. We've included some highlights below:

  • High-volume homebuilders (HiVol) are expected to generate nearly $65 billion in revenue this year
  • Luxury homebuilders (LUX) are projected to have recruited 3,400 employees by the end of 2017
  • Multifamily homebuilders (MultiFam) have built 48,950 total units in 2017

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