The TecHome Builder Difference

The TecHome Builder Summit maximizes impact and minimized risk. This event is the sales relationship accelerator or companies looking to expand their business with the biggest, best, and most tech-forward builders in North America!

TecHome Builder Focuses on a Variety of Products and Services


Smart HVAC & IAQ

Smart Building Products

Lighting & Electrical

Smart/Connected Appliances

Smart Water/Water Management

Busines/IT Solutions

Download Our 2017 Brand Penetration Report

What is Brand Penetration?

Brand Penetration Reports are snapshots of Summit guest brand preferences in a host of product and service categories. They are derived directly from data collected via TecHome Builder Summit guest applications. Guests are asked to list their top three brands in a host of product and service categories. The verbatim responses are provided in an alphabetically sorted list by product category in the report.

How does a Brand Penetration Report help me as a Sponsor?

Brand Penetration Reports help sponsors understand the market potential represented by

Summit guests, what type and size of sponsorship might be appropriate and what to focus on in guest engagements at the event. Sponsors can determine their market penetration and relative position—sole supplier, primary supplier, secondary supplier—with guests.  During the guest selection process, brand penetration data helps sponsors target guests strategically and prepare for their engagements.

What Topics Are Included in these Reports?

Brand Penetration Reports cover all major industry topics including: electronics, smart HVAC, lighting, smart appliances, water management, business solutions, and many more. After filling out the form below, a sales rep will send you any reports that are relevant to your company.

Download the 2017 Brand Penetration Report