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  • Information, context and tools you need to make good business decisions on your tech plays.
  • Interactive elements like surveys and live group discussion to increase relevance and retention via active learning.
  • Top notch production values like what you’d see on a cable news talk show.
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Session Descriptions

All Segments

September 29, 2020

9:30 am ET
Day 1 Keynote: Essential Tech in a Post Pandemic World

Necessity is the mother of invention and the mother of market inflections! The lifestyle and economic shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic are driving both short and long-term changes in homebuyer tech wants and needs, and in the application of technology to the homebuilding business. This session will cover tech products and applications that are on the rise in the wake of COVID-19. Think connected-productive WFH tech; connected-high-performance-AV-enjoyment at home; healthy home; e-socializing optimized homes; fully digital homebuyer journeys and more!
Speaker: Tim Costello, President/CEO, BDX

September 30, 2020

9:30 am ET
Day 2 Keynote: Housing’s Post-Pandemic Purpose
Roy Spence is a master of purpose-driven living, leadership and business and, in this session, he turns his insights to the revised and expanded mission of America’s housing industry post-pandemic. How do you deliver homes that align with the new needs and wants of homebuyers? How do you drive that revised purpose throughout your organization to not only deliver for your buyers but also lift employee engagement and drive? You’ll get the answers to these and more questions of the heart and strategic intent, all delivered in an entertaining and indelible way!
Speaker: Roy Spence, GSD&M & The Purpose Institute

Keynote Speaker & Track Chair Bios

Tim Costello
President & CEO, BDX, Inc.
Tim Costello is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive of Builder Homesite Inc. (BHI) the homebuilding industry’s consortium which includes nearly 1,000 builders throughout the U.S., BHI was created to assist homebuilders with the digital transformation of the industry’s customer experience. Tim also serves as Chairman and Chief Executive for several subsidiary companies including BDX (Builders Digital Experience) and NHT (New Home Technology). Beyond BHI, Tim has served on a variety of boards for both startup enterprises and nonprofits.

Roy Spence
Cofounder & Chairman, GSD&M/Cofounder & CEO, The Purpose Institute
Roy and his partners, right out of The University of Texas at Austin, built GSD&M from scratch into a purpose-based marketing, advertising and idea machine - building iconic brands like Southwest Airlines, Don’t Mess with Texas, The PGA Tour, Walmart, The United States Airforce, Goodyear, American Institute of Architects and DreamWorks. Roy has always held a deep belief that purpose-inspired marketing can be a force for good. He and his partners are always the first to donate time and talent, creating powerful PSAs when disasters hit America like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina as well as creating an historic moment by getting all the former US Presidents to create a 30 second PSA when Hurricane Harvey and Irma hit in 2017. He is now on a mission to use the power of purpose-based marketing to bring America together on higher ground and begin putting the US back into USA.

Anya Chrisanthon, Solutions Track Chair
New Construction Marketing Podcast
Anya Chrisanthon is the creator of the New Construction Marketing Academy, an online learning resource for new home sales professionals and a host of a top-rated New Construction Marketing Podcast. Since starting her career in new construction in 2013 Anya had the honor of receiving multiple awards for excellence in sales and marketing including a Rookie of The Year, MVP of Sales and NAHB’s the One To Watch Award. Anya volunteers her time as a mentor to young professionals and is actively involved with her local HBA. She serves on the Young Professionals Committee and as an area trustee for Professional Women in Building (PWB). Anya regularly attends industry conferences and NAHB leadership meetings to stay on top of current market trends. She is a thought leader, speaker, and a regular contributor for several industry publications.

Joe Lautner
HIVOL Track Chair
Joe Lautner is a sales, marketing and business development leader helping smart product companies, builders and professionally installed solution channels grow connected IoT business opportunities in and around the built environment. Joe launched the first successful IP-based, open standards home control solution leading all marketing and sales efforts through to acquisition by Nortek.  Over his 10+year tenure with Nortek, Joe held senior positions in product management, marketing, sales management and strategy development. He holds a board seat on the Consumer Technology Association's Smart Home Division and is a past Smart Home Chairman. Joe is particularly passionate about the opportunities for connected home technology's impact on healthy home living, renewable energy, natural resource management and adaptive applications to help people live happily and longer in their homes. He helps manufacturers, builders and other channel participants develop and execute effective go-to-market strategies, tactics and messaging for solutions sold through the professional install and builder channels.


Earnest Morgan
Multifam Track Chair
Earnest J. Morgan is an advisor and technologist for the built environment, enabling building professionals to deliver their unique brand promise through immersive and connected client experiences. He is a building industry careerist, serving manufacturer, distributor, and partner business initiatives, with world-class technology brands like Control4, Emerson, and Honeywell. Morgan has significant experience leading business development, strategy and execution with an emphasis on smart homes, smart buildings and smart hotels inside the construction and built environment. Most recently, he led Control4’s global enterprise channel programs for homebuilders, developers, investors, hoteliers, retailers and building industry partnerships. Morgan has served as a Governor-Appointed Board Member of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), and currently serves as a trusted advisor to several world-class organizations like the National Association of Homebuilders, California Building Industry Association, and TecHome Builder Summits. Sustainable living remains a personal tenet for Morgan, with Green Builder Media naming him as a 2018 Eco-Leader.




September 29, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Today’s Safe & Secure Home Options

Home as a sanctuary in an increasingly dangerous world is a top of mind concept, and that means homebuyers are interested in strong security and safety features in the new home they buy. From video doorbells to broader exterior and interior surveillance, intrusion, fire, toxic gas, cyber threats, back-up power and more, we’ll get you up-to-speed on the standards and options you can present to your security-hungry homebuyers.
Speakers: Steve Chazin, VP of Products,; Craig Vosburgh, Manager of Commercialization - Residential and Business Security, ADT

2:30–3:00 pm ET
Enabling 2020s WFH - The Productive TecHome

Short-term government-ordered work-from-home (WFH) is about to evolve to long-term company- and employee-selected WFH, with huge implications for home design and home tech. In this session, we will walk you through the latest research on this workforce shift, what employers and employees expect on WFH accommodations and vision a number of appealing WFH options packages that are bound to be strongly in demand. This is more than a laptop with an embedded camera and mic on it. Get ready to capitalize on a mega-trend.
Speakers: Jacob Atalla, VP - Sustainability Initiatives, KB Home; Mike Grubb, VP of Marketing, Legrand

4:30–5:00 pm ET
The Healthy Home Imperative

Healthy home tech was gathering momentum before the pandemic, so you can imagine how much power is behind the trend in the midst of a public health emergency. In this session, we will provide you with a framework and definitions for health home, a look at the products and applications that fall beneath the healthy home umbrella today and what’s on the horizon.
Speakers: Michael Don Ham, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Pure365; CR Herro, VP - Innovation, Meritage Homes

September 30, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Tech Kitchens: The New Hotbed for Innovation & Extraordinary Customer Experience

The kitchen has always been a top focus for homebuyers and homebuilders. It’s often the most used room and the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to cook, eat, drink, work and enjoy each other’s company. And now technology and information services are arriving to enhance the kitchen experience, making cooking a more enjoyable and efficient adventure and leveraging controls, video displays and cameras to make the kitchen a virtual command center and social media broadcast outlet. This session will clue you into the tech that’s here today and about to arrive soon, so you can develop tech-forward kitchens that will be homebuyer magnets and deliver wow experiences.
Speakers: Shawn Stover, VP - Smarthome Solutions, GE; Mike Wolf, Founder, TechKitchen Summit

2:30–3:00 pm ET
pping Your Tech Merchandising Game
Home tech merchandise planning is a process in short supply in the home building industry, but probably the process most necessary to ensure you maximize your tech play. In this session, we will describe the elements of a merchandise plan and provide concrete suggestions on good processes for developing it. We’ll also tap into the experiences of tech leaders at other high-volume builders to get their learnings and advice.
Speakers: Shawn Barry, VP Strategic Sales,; Butch Greene, Corporate Operations Manager, Stanley Martin

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Unlocking New Home Lifetime Value

Studies point to the lifetime value of new home maintenance, repairs and improvements being as high as 40% of the initial sale price, yet most builders feed only meagerly (if at all!) from this veritable trough despite being in a position to dominate it. In this session, we’ll examine monitored and managed maintenance (sometimes referred to as “digital binders”) as a technology key to unlocking lifetime value for builders and vision the services and processes builders will need to develop to truly seize the opportunity.
Speakers: Joey Gendron, VP of Sales & Marketing and Land Acquisition, DR Horton; Ty Udell, Founder, Dun Today

HIVOL Speaker Bios

Steve Chazin
VP of Products,
Steve Chazin has more than two decades of experience designing, building, and selling innovative enterprise and consumer technology that changed the world. Steve reimagined collaboration in the cloud at Cisco, Salesforce, and Symantec, launched four successful startups, and created new solutions for video editing, file sharing, and web services long before each became commonplace. As Vice President of Products for, Steve defines next-generation offerings for protecting families at home and beyond. Combining his extensive tech experience with keen insights of emerging consumer trends, Steve has a history of predicting the future, and is currently developing wellness solutions to support a post Covid-19 world.

Craig Vosburgh
Manager of Commercialization - Residential and Business Security, ADT
Craig Vosburgh is a product management executive skilled in launching new products, experienced in driving high growth in products through customer segmentation, needs analysis and requirements documentation. Cross-functional team leadership in a sprint-based, agile environment.

Jacob Atalla, VP - Sustainability Initiatives, KB Home
Jacob Atalla is Vice President of Innovation & Sustainability at KB Home, where he leads the national homebuilder’s innovations in sustainability and smart home technology. Jacob has over 30 years’ experience with technology and green building, drawing on his background as an architect. Most recently, he led the development of KB Home ProjeKt 2019, a full-scale immersive experience of the smart home of the future. KB Home ProjeKt demonstrates the vital role that technology-enabled health and wellness will play in the future of the American home and addresses the growing interest among homebuyers in these smart home features. Jacob also led the industry-first partnership between KB Home and Google to launch the KB Smart Home System featuring Google Assistant, a robust ecosystem that can integrate an ever-expanding selection of compatible devices and features to make daily living easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for new KB homeowners. Jacob serves on the board of directors for Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). He also serves on the technical committee for Leading Builders of America.

Mike Grubb
VP of Marketing, Legrand
Mike has more than 25 years of sales and marketing leadership experience in the consumer electronics industry, bringing his vast knowledge and relationships within the integration channels to support their growth. Mike has been a leader in the commercial and residential markets developing programs, managing teams, architecting and executing sales and marketing strategies. Prior to joining Luxul, Mike had experience working as a Construction Manager for a production home builder and held leadership roles with prominent CI focused manufacturers. His grassroots experience as a Managing Partner of an integration firm in Southern California really allow him to connect with the needs of the integration companies and the individuals who are the heartbeat of the business.

Michael Don Ham
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Pure365
Michael Don Ham is the Co-Founder and COO of Pure365, a spinoff from the global wellness brand Pure Wellness ( founded in 2003 and awarded the Cornell University Innovation Award as a top hospitality amenity that counts the Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt as some of its hotel partners. Pure365 aims to bring to the residential market an entire ecosystem that integrates high performing air and water quality hardware with user friendly software that provides real-time situational data, education on matters of wellness and automation to optimize one’s built environment for occupant health.

CR Herro
VP - Innovation, Meritage Homes
C.R. Herro leads Meritage’s Business Innovation Program which combines design, efficiency, sustainability, and new technologies to establish a new standard in home building that provide better comfort, healthier air, and cost less to own and operate. In the last ten years, Meritage has set the national standard in energy efficiency and integrated renewable design. CR has spent 20 years within Fortunate 500 companies driving innovation and the supporting change management. CR is on the RESNet ANSI Standard Development Committee, Board of Directors for the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance, technical committee for the Leading Builders of America, and Ibacos' best practice research alliance. CR speaks nationally to advance the industry, regulations, and associated stakeholders in adopting credible improvements to the function, performance, and value of new homes.

Shawn Stover
VP - Smarthome Solutions, GE Appliances
Shawn Stover serves as the Vice President of SmartHome Solutions for GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company. In his role, he is responsible for the initiatives that fuel the growth and profitability in the connected space. Stover is passionate about thoughtful innovation and bringing real value to product owners through forward-thinking smart home technologies. Stover also leads the SmartHome Solutions IoT strategy to develop a portfolio of products and custom possibilities that deliver convenience and peace of mind. The SmartHome Solutions group aims to transform the heart of the home and how owners experience the kitchen, laundry, and many of life’s everyday moments. It combines the GEA Connected Technology and Information Technology teams, which are charged with helping people manage their households in new and more efficient ways. 

Mike Wolf
Founder, TechKitchen Summit
Michael Wolf is the publisher of The Spoon and creator of the Smart Kitchen Summit. Wolfhas written for such publications as Forbes, GigaOm and the New York Times and has published a book on the connected home. He also has too many kitchen gadgets.

Shawn Barry
VP Strategic Sales,
A business development professional with entrepreneurial experience and P&L responsibility in start-ups, turnarounds and expanding business operations in domestic and international markets. Shawn has lead cross-functional teams in a concerted effort to achieve company goals and objectives has resulted in improved product value, customer experience, accelerated revenue and growth of the company customer base.

Butch Greene
Corporate Operations Manager, Stanley Martin
My name is Butch Greene and I am the Corporate Procurement Manager for Stanley Martin Homes. My primary responsibility is to grow and expand strategic supply chain partnerships. This strategic focus includes identifying brand alignment across Divisions, cost consistency and visibility as well as implement national and regional best procurement practices. I have been in the homebuilding industry for over 35 years in both sales and management at the distribution and production homebuilding levels.  I value the relationship and experiences from both sides of the table. They have enabled me to serve, support  and promote a teaming environment between the builder and supply chain partner. I apply a  value add, integrated whole house approach that includes building science applications, engineering, energy efficiency and smart home features.  This strategic approach allows me to drive true partnerships and relationships that influence quality and high performance built homes.

Joey Gendron
VP of Sales & Marketing and Land Acquisition, DR Horton
Joey Gendron is an experienced service specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the utilities industry. Skilled in Energy,Power Generation, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Contract Negotiation. Strong support professional with aBachelor of Arts (BA) focused in History from California State University-Long Beach.

 Ty Udell
Founder, Dun Today
With over a decade of background in the Fortune 100 High-Tech sector, Ty is a generation Y millennial who understands the importance of business transformation in the digital age.  He has extensive experience working with major retailers on omnichannel and mobile engagement strategies, and brings a unique understanding of what the next generation of home buyer expects. Ty holds a business degree from the Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona and is a member of the NHBA.



September 29, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Smart Unit Tech

What’s the tech feature set and the tech experience of today’s smart multifamily unit? We’ll walk through a number of configurations based on market band, demographics and psychographics. The session will deliver a specific idea bank you can draw on to develop your own compelling packages.
Speakers: Jamie Sabat, Director of Trends & Consumer Forecasting, Street Sense; Mike Wilson, Owner, Bethesda Systems

2:30–3:00 pm ET
Tech to the MAX in Multifamily Rental Properties
What are multifamily rental industry leaders up to with their tech offers? In units, in shared space amenity areas, for community operations and cohesion? In this session will take a quick tour of their offers, compare, contrast and identify patterns. We’ll also walk through the reasons tech will need to be near the top of the benefits stack for multifamily companies looking to thrive in a changed and now harshly competitive market.
Speaker: Earnest Morgan

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Shared Space Transformation for Work-From-Home & Play-At-Home

Work-from-home has gotten real serious real fast and lots of multifamily owners and renters are looking for professional quality solutions for video conferencing and collaboration. At the same time streaming content and connectivity for enjoyment are on the rise and consumers crave high-resolution audio and video. How can you create or transform shared space to meet the rising demand? Answers for you in this session.
Speakers: Mike Grubb, VP of Marketing, Legrand; Michael Don Ham, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Pure365; David Tovissi, VP & GM - Luxury Audio, Harman;

September 30, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Multifamily Lux Tech

What kind of tech should a luxury multifamily property boast? This session walks through the technologies and differentiated quality levels you’ll want to include to make a legitimate luxury claim and provide a true luxury experience.
Speakers: Doug Metzger, Executive Vice President - Construction, JDL Development; David Welles, Director, AVDG

2:30–3:00 pm ET
Connectivity Imperatives

Wired and wireless connectivity has never been more vital for multifamily properties, and upping your game may very well become essential to winning and retaining buyers and renters. In this session, we will look at the bandwidth and content services you need to provide in units and common space; infrastructure, hardware and services options; and how to leverage your connectivity in marketing and fees.
Speakers: Nathan Block, General Manager of Business Solutions, DISH; Amy Westwood, President & Co-Founder, Celebration Communities

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Security & Health Safety in Multifamily Properties

Controlling criminal and nuisance intrusions has always been a challenge in multifamily properties, and now we can add biologic intrusions into the threat mix. This session will tune you into state-of-the-market and state-of-the-art integrated access control, surveillance, sensing, credentialing and monitoring solutions you can deploy to address one of the big concerns of buyers and tenants.
Speaker: Brad Huber, Brivo

MULTIFAM Speaker Bios

Jamie Sabat, Director of Trends & Consumer Forecasting, Street Sense
Jamie Sabat has her finger on the pulse of consumer insights. Jamie is an early identifier of long-range global trends and a trailblazer in the real estate industry. Often found globe-trotting and uncovering the “next” place for people to collide, she deciphers trends for relevant markets and meaningful design that will impact economic investments.

Mike Wilson
Owner, Bethesda Systems
Mike Wilson is Owner of Bethesda Systems—established in 2003, Bethesda Systems is a locally owned and operated firm specializing in audio, video, energy management and control systems. Winner of Home & Design Magazine's prestigious Top A/V Consultant 2012 award, Bethesda Systems is a industry leader in residential, institutional and commercial technology integration.

Mike Grubb
VP of Marketing, Legrand
Mike has more than 25 years of sales and marketing leadership experience in the consumer electronics industry, bringing his vast knowledge and relationships within the integration channels to support their growth. Mike has been a leader in the commercial and residential markets developing programs, managing teams, architecting and executing sales and marketing strategies. Prior to joining Luxul, Mike had experience working as a Construction Manager for a production home builder and held leadership roles with prominent CI focused manufacturers. His grassroots experience as a Managing Partner of an integration firm in Southern California really allow him to connect with the needs of the integration companies and the individuals who are the heartbeat of the business.

David Tovissi
VP & GM - Luxury Audio, Harman
David Tovissi has served as Vice President and General Manager of HARMAN Luxury Audio since February 2019. In his role, Tovissi is responsible for Product Development, Engineering and the Brand Strategy for HARMAN ‘s iconic Luxury Audio brands, JBL Synthesis, Mark Levinson, Revel, Arcam and Lexicon. Prior to HARMAN, Tovissi spent over three decades serving the Consumer Technology industry. He has held leadership positions in retail, custom installation, wholesale, and manufacturing companies.  Throughout his career, Tovissi has partnered with architects, developers, builders and interior designers to create practical as well as opulent spaces for homeowners to experience great sound and video. Those partnerships made him a subject matter expert for dozens of electronics manufacturers who were developing products to be installed in a home.

Doug Metzger
Executive Vice President - Construction, JDL Development
Doug joined JDL in 2018, managing the design and construction process of JDL’s building projects. Before joining JDL, Doug was a Project Manager at Lendlease, where he worked on JDL’s No. 9 Walton project, as well as other projects including 625 W Division (Xavier Apartments), 845 W Madison Apartments, and a senior living project in Deerfield. Doug began his career with Bechtel in Richmond, Kentucky working on the Bluegrass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant. He was responsible for managing schedule and cost for a $400 million blast-proof, purpose-built facility used to neutralize and eliminate the nation’s chemical weapons.


David Welles
Director, AVDG
David Welles is the director of sales at AVDG and former founder of TVTI, a leading provider of AV systems, Motorized window treatments and lighting control systems for MDU buildings across the country – too date David has been involved in over 160 MDU projects -  TVTi was acquired by Guitar Center in 2019. As an entrepreneur, team leader, and industry authority, David has helped supply the vision and high standards that our teams embody in their work every day. He is focused on client satisfaction and innovation. He is known for always making himself accessible to clients, as well as the AVDG team.

Nathan Block
General Manager of Business Solutions, DISH

Amy Westwood
President & Co-Founder, Celebration Communities
Amy is a sought after advisor in the area of real estate development and technology. She understands that technology is ever-evolving and that future-focused strategies are required to meet expanding consumer demands for connectivity whether at work or at home. Amy has earned a reputation for providing invaluable technology advisory services to large-scale master planned communities (MPC), multifamily, single family, resort, and mixed use communities across the country. Prior to co-founding Celebration Communities, Amy spent 16 years with The Walt Disney Company where she held a variety of roles in Florida and California in the telecommunications division, including her leadership in Celebration, the epic project that first aligned technology with real estate development. Amy is a fourth generation Floridian and resides in Orlando.


Brad Huber
VP of Smart Devices, Brivo
Brad works with the Brivo team to provide best in class access control and smart home experiences for rental industries. We are focused on smart apartments, smart vacation rentals, and more. Our platform makes smart devices do useful things for businesses day in and day out.


September 29, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Lux Tech & The Great Outdoors

Most lux homes are sited in spectacular settings and include wonderful outdoor elements. In this session, we’ll look at lux tech plays in the outdoors and how tech can bring the beautiful outdoors inside even when the doors and windows are closed.
Speakers: Brad Leavitt, President & Founder, A Finer Touch; Brad Thiess, President, Xssentials

2:30–3:00 pm ET
Lux Party Time Tech

Our ability to entertain and enliven a party with home technology has never been greater. In this session, we tap the expertise of some of the industry’s top luxury tech designers for their best ideas on all kinds of ideas for party time tech. The desire to entertain with memorable wows is one of the drivers for luxury homebuyers, so make sure you’re giving them the tech wows they’re looking for!
Speakers: Shawn Hansson, CEO & Founder, Logic Integration; John Rottschafer, President, Sienna Custom Homes

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Selling Luxury Tech with Passion & Emotion

Sometimes we get so caught up in the prodigious features and benefits of luxury home technologies that we forget that we are selling an experience, a feeling and the dream of a lifestyle. Delivered by true lux tech sales leaders, this inspiring session will be a clarion call to presenting tech with the passion, emotion and attitude that gets buyers really wanting what you offer.
Speakers: Dave Donald, National CI Accounts Manager, Wilson Electronics; John Galante, President, AE Ventures; George Katsiris, Vice President, Savant; Mike Moore, Moore Leadership & Peak Performance

September 30, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Lux Connectivity & Productivity

Wealthy executives will be spending more and more time working from home and will be looking for high powered connectivity and productivity tech. We’ll look at three high level productivity solution stacks and the architectural design elements that go with them in this most timely of lux sessions.
Speakers: Duane Barney, Owner, DCBuilders LLC; Steve Haas, CEO & Principal Consultant, SHAcoustics; John Predham, Executive Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Lippolis Electric

2:30–3:00 pm ET
Lux Tech Idea Bank: Wellness & Quality of Life Applications

A new set of technologies and applications are emerging that deliver wellness, quality and aesthetic delights in luxury homes. See how lighting, shading, acoustics and air and water quality technologies can be integrated to both wow and ahh experiences to the lux buyer.
Speaker: Jay Jenkins, President, Jenkins Baer Associates; Sean Weiner, CTO, Bravas

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Just Showing Off

Tech in a luxury home can be a differentiator and brand enhancer—your ticket to more and better clients. In this session you’ll get a peek inside a lux builder’s tech-forward play in the Southeast Michigan Parade of Homes. What tech features we’re built into the home? How is the home being received by parade of home shoppers? And what’s the leverage for the builder? Learn the answers to these and more questions and get ready to do your own version of “just showing off” with tech.
Speakers: David Compo, Owner & President, Compo Builders; John Galante, President, AE Ventures; Brian Herrick, Director of Operations, Compo Builders

LUX Speaker Bios

Brad Leavitt
President & Founder, A Finer Touch
Brad Leavitt is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” - a Scottsdale based luxury residential and commercial builder. AFT Construction, as known throughout the industry, is an award-winning construction firm and has been nationally published in magazines such as: Fine Home Building, Luxe Interiors and Design, and Professional Builder. Brad Leavitt is an energetic public speaker and ambassador for many national brands including Kohler, Pella, Subzero-Wolf, Cambria, Elkay and Post-it Notes. Brad completed a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from BYU in 2005 and worked on notable projects around Phoenix, including the Omni Montelucia in Paradise Valley.

Brad Thiess
President, Xssentials
Brad is President of Xssentials in Jackson, WY. A technology integrator with Colorado locations in Denver, Aspen, and Vail, and Jackson, WY. His passion for technology started at 9 years old when he assisted his father in his TV repair business in Rural Wisconsin. In 1988 he started working for one of the first custom electronics companies in the country in Eau Claire, WI. And In 1993 Brad started his own integration firm in Madison, WI and grew it to be a regular on the CEPro 100. After selling his business in 2011, he looked for a new adventure in the west where he joined Xssentials in 2013. He has been fortunate to work in homes of some of the most prominent and wealthiest people in the world. His projects can be found all over the rocky region, NYC, Gold Coast of Chicago, The Bay Area, Hawaii, Mexico and The Virgin Islands. He is often asked to be part of Mfr advisory councils and to speak at industry conferences.

Shawn Hansson
CEO & Founder, Logic Integration
Shawn Hansson is the founder and CEO of Logic Integration, a Colorado-based company providing leading-edge, multi-disciplined audiovisual and automation design and installation services to homes and businesses nationwide. With more than 25 years of audiovisual industry experience Hansson is recognized as a young leader with a strong vision.   He was awarded the “Top 25 GenXYZ influential leaders” by ColoradoBiz magazine and “Top 40 Under 40 Leaders” by Commercial Integrator magazine.   Shawn was also recently a recipient of the 2020 CTA Smart Home Leadership Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

John Rottschafer
President, Sienna Custom Homes
John founded Sienna Custom Homes, Inc. in 1999. Began business as a Speculative Builder and graduated to Custom build projects for select clients throughout the last twenty years. He is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Skilled in Contractors,Renovation, Remodeling, Residential Homes, and Custom Homes. Strong business development professional with aB.S. focused in Business Marketing from University of Northern Colorado. 

Dave Donald
National CI Accounts Manager, Wilson Electronics

George Katsiris
Vice President, Savant

Mike Moore
Moore Leadership & Peak Performance
Mike Moore is a featured keynote speaker, co-author of Build Trust and co-founder of the Build Trust Movement. He is a leadership, peak performance, sales and employee development coach who inspires, enlightens and empowers people to help them unlock and unleash their extraordinary best self to produce sustainable growth and personal progress! Mike's leadership, sales and employee development programs feature my Moore’s Law of Achievement and Moore’s Path to Peak Performance that enable my clients to attract, hire, retain and develop people who become extraordinary. A lifelong learner with over 40 years experience in Leadership, Coaching, Sales Training and Employee Development. Mike created Moore Leadership & Peak Performance which includes workshops and coaching that address the specific challenges faced by everyone in the Homebuilding, Building Supply, Floor Covering, Design Center and Retail Industries.

Duane Barney
Owner, DCBuilders LLC
Duane Barney has lived and breathed residential construction for more than 30 years. He worked his way up as a carpenter, superintendent, project manager, and President of four separate companies. He has worked on projects from colonial-era remodels to 27Ksf modern estates. Along the way Duane saw first-hand that being a great builder isn’t enough to have a great construction business.Duane currently turns his experience into a benefit for those coming up in the industry. He is "the guy I wish I'd met when I started." Mentoring business owners on the business side of the business.

Steve Haas
CEO & Principal Consultant, SHAcoustics
One of the more versatile acoustic and audio designers/calibrators in the industry for the past 30 years, Steve Haas has consulted on the finest commercial and residential spaces including: concert halls, performing arts centers, Broadway theaters, opera houses, music schools, museums, churches and recording/broadcast facilities. Over the last two decades, Steve has brought this experience into the high-end residential market - working with homeowners, architects, interior designers, builders and technology integrators to ensure that an entire home, condominium or other type of residence is designed with sound quality and sound control in mind.

John Predham
Executive Director, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Lippolis Electric
Over 30 year’s experience in Systems Design, Sales, Management and Installation of Electrical, Emergency Power, Lighting, Lighting Controls, Audio, Video, Voice, Data, Motorized Shading, Security, Fire Alarm, CCTV and Surge Protection Systems. John specializes in designing and installing all these systems for residential and commercial projects. I hold numerous licenses and certifications in the Electrical, Lighting, Audio/Visual and Fire Alarm/Security Industries.

Jay Jenkins
President, Jenkins Baer Associates
With unwavering dedication and positive energy, Jay goes above and beyond the call of beauty. “No matter what’s happening, I’m there and altogether present for my clients. Service is what sets us apart. I try to make the process as pleasant and seamless as possible.” It’s this philosophy that attracts designers, clients and craftsmen alike to Jenkins Baer. With pride he explains, “with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations and providing our designers with the best tools available, we are taking our art to the next level.”

David Compo
Owner & President, Compo Builders
Starting at the age of 12, David S. Compo began to refine his skills at architectural drawing. By 15, he was doing the majority of the working plans for his parents building company, James D. Compo, Inc., a family business where he worked for 33 years. Since then, David has been designing and building his own company, Compo Builders Inc, Inc., which he co-owns with his brother, Christopher. As the sons of past BIA president Janet Compo, and her late husband, James, the Compo brothers are carrying on a long tradition of building quality one-of-a-kind custom homes as well as additions, finished lower levels and other residential and commercial remodeling projects. Throughout his long career, David has overseen the building of homes for over 400 southeast Michigan families in addition to hundreds more remodeling and indoor pool projects.


Brian Harrick
Director of Operations, Compo Builders
Brian Harrick is a leader that is always looking for a challenge to improve manufacturing or business systems using all the assets of an organization to achieve its' goals. Motivated to implement change using previous experience from plant acquisition and start-up, diversification of customer base, quality and environmental management systems, product development, turn around management and employee development & motivation. Compo Builders Inc. is the premier custom home builder in southeastern Michigan. The Compo family has provided custom built homes for over 50 years and has earned a stellar reputation for quality and craftsmanship while treating their client as family.

Sean Weiner
CTO, Bravas
Sean Weiner is currently the Chief Technology officer of Bravas, the nation’s largest luxury residential smart home integration firm. Prior to joining Bravas, Sean was the president of Starr Systems Design, an electronic systems and electrical contracting firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. Starr Systems now comprises the Baltimore location of Bravas, LLC. Mr. Weiner is a certified CEDIA outreach instructor, and has written and participated in educational and promotional articles for numerous industry magazines, the National Homebuilders Association, and several local publications.



September 29, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
Adapt or Be Left Behind – Lessons Learned from Online Sales Counselors

We all know the promised efficiencies of integrating sales and design with production. This session looks at some real implementations and lessons learned that you can model in your own business.
Speakers: Leah Fellows, Founder and President, Blue Gypsy Inc.; Ingrid Prince, General Sales Manager, Trendmaker Homes

2:30–3:00 pm ET
From Clicks & Visits to Calls & Sales

Integrated inbound marketing with inside and field sales is always a challenge in process development, training and tracking. We’ll profile a couple of winning implementations you can learn from and build on.
Speakers: Chris Hartley, VP of Sales, K Hovnanian; Matt Riley, Vice President, GroupTwo

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Optimizing Mobile with On-The-Road Buyers

Most new home marketers are tending to the mobile website experience, but few have moved to optimize mobile for the on-the-road buyers who are often deep in the funnel touring communities and home models.  This session looks at paid and organic search strategies, making your website "fumble-friendly," text messaging, unattended access, plus beacons, push notifications, and more. The idea-get 'em while they're hot!
Speakers: Megan English, Vice President, O'Neil Interactive; Dennis O'Neil, President, O'Neil Interactive

September 30, 2020

12:30–1:00 pm ET
State of the Art in Virtual Model Home Tours

Virtual model tours spiked with the onset of pandemic-driven social distancing, but they are here to stay with the efficiencies and convenience they bring. We’ll look at best implementations and best practices and vision future evolutions in this session.
Speakers: Jason Forrest, CEO, FPG; Kevin Weitzel, VP Business Development & Sales, Outhouse

2:30–3:00 pm ET
One-Step Selling & Personalization Online

The two-step process of first selling the home model and lot and then personalizing with options sales could be conflated to single, uber-efficient step with the use of online technologies that cover both steps in a unified buyer journey. In this session, we’ll review the idea in theory and practice.
Speakers: Quint Lears, Creative Director,; John Lee, CEO, Rendering House

4:30–5:00 pm ET
Integrating Listings & Website Journeys

Most big builders are using online listing services to generate leads and enable part of the buying journey, but how do you integrate your listings with website journeys to take the buyer all the way home? We’ll look at three great examples you can learn from to improve your strategy and execution.
Speakers: Greg Bray, Owner, Blue Tangerine; Marc Lamoureaux, President & Co-Founder, Alpha Vision

SOLUTIONS Speaker Bios

Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest is the nation's foremost expert in the mindset of top 1% sales, exponential sales growth, leadership development, and leading-edge sales innovation. Jason is one of the world's only Master Practitioners in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of influence and behavioral chance psychology. As the founder and CEO of FPG, named the nation's fastest growing sales training company for four consecutive years, Jason has trained thousands of salespeople and leaders on how to build mental toughness, create breakthroughs, and earn what they're truly worth. Jason is the winner of more than a dozen international awards for his sales process and training programs, ranging from frontline sales professionals to coaches to executives.

Kevin Weitzel
VP Business Development & Sales, Outhouse
Kevin is a former professional cyclist and Olympic Alternate as well as a highly decorated former United States Marine. His many productive years in the cycling industry landed him a very successful career in the Motorcycle/Automobile industry. His belief in and practice of relationship selling catapulted him from floor sales to GM of the largest Motorcycle Dealer network in the United States in less than 5 years. Disenchanted with the auto industry due to unscrupulous business practices, he then joined the team at Outhouse and led the team to the largest sales growth in company history since the downturn. He's an expert in Interactive Builder Web and Marketing Content, 3D Rendering, Animation, Drafting, Virtual Reality, Matterport, and Print Marketing Collateral.

Quint Lears
Creative Director,
Quint Lears MIRM was awarded the 2012 National New Home Sales Person of the year for the National Association of Home Builders. He was also a 2018 Professional Builder Magazine 40 under 40 honoree. He has been featured in Top Agent Magazine, RE/MAX Above Magazine, Professional Builder Magazine and 3 different times in the Sales and Marketing Ideas Magazine. Quint is a sought after trainer, motivator, and coach, speaking at local, regional and national events on the topics of new home sales, branding and personalities. Quint has been featured in 5 books related to new home sales and marketing and he has just completed his book, “Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales” published by NAHB Builder Books. This is the first book in the industry dedicated to educating builders and new home sales people on how to work effectively with real estate brokers to increase new home sales. Finally, Quint is the creator and host of an online media platform featuring insights ideas and best practices from top new home sales, marketing, and home building professionals.

John Lee
CEO, Rendering House
In 2001, John left a Silicon Valley high-tech startup and co-founded Rendering House, a New Homes visualization company. Rendering House creates thousand of renderings and virtual tours for hundreds of Builders each year. In 2020, he spun-off a New Homes software company, Anewgo (Don’t Sell New Homes the Old Way, Make A New Go of It!). Anewgo’s apps enable buyers to Find, Design, Experience and Buy New Homes Online. John holds an MBA and is a frequent speaker at conferences, webinars and podcasts.

Greg Bray
Owner, Blue Tangerine
As President of the 30-person agency Blue Tangerine, Greg uses digital marketing to help home builders grow sales.  Greg began developing home builder websites in late 1999 and has been hooked ever since. The tools have matured since that time, but one thing hasn’t changed: the goal to grow sales!
Blue Tangerine is a digital marketing and website development agency that specializes in helping home builders grow their sales.  They achieve that goal by helping you build a better website and drive more qualified traffic to the site.  Greg considers it a privilege to lead this team of talented professionals.

Marc Lamoureaux
President & Co-Founder, Alpha Vision
Marc Lamoureux is CEO co-founder of Alpha Vision, a leading technology firm specializing in digital marketing for new home sales since 1993. His constant awareness of the latest and greatest in Visualization technologies combined with his knowledge of the ever-evolving home building market, make him an invaluable collaborator to many of the top national builders including DR Horton, Pulte Group and Shea Homes just to name a few. Marc’s passion is to bring the new home buying experience to new heights of sophistication and success.

Chris Hartley
VP of Sales, K Hovnanian
Chris Hartley has 17 years of New Home Sales Experience as an On-site Sales Representative, Corporate Sales Trainer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Vice President of Operations. In addition, Chris is a Certified Trainer for the Texas Real Estate Commission, frequent contributor to industry leading publications, and Public Speaker. Chris has worked with both public and private homebuilders across the US and holds an active Brokers License in his home state of Kansas. Chris was named Sales Manager of the Year by the Dallas Builders Association, a Silver Award Finalist for National Sales Manager of the Year at The Nationals, a Gold Award Winner at The Nationals for One to Watch through the NAHB, Texas Star Winner for Sales Manager of the Year, NAHB Young Professional of the Year finalist, and recognized in Professional Builder Magazine for 40 Under 40. Chris is an active member of the Zillow Builder Advisor Board as well as a Visionary Council Member for AtlasRTX. In addition, Chris is an advocate for the American Cancer Society, being named a three-time Corporate Hero and is part of Team Determination participating in half and full marathons. Chris has raised over $200,000 fighting for the cause.

Matt Riley
Vice President, GroupTwo
Matt Riley has invested the last 17 years of his career in the home building industry—from his first job as an on-site sales counselor to running sales and marketing operations of top 100 builders to his current role as vice president with the country’s leading marketing firm for home builders. Matt’s sales and marketing experience has expanded with the evolution of the digital age, specifically within the home building arena. He has applied his passion for “all things tech” to consistently deliver sales and marketing results that have created new benchmarks in the industry and continue to drive sales and profits for home builders across North America. Matt regularly speaks at NAHB’s IBS, Pacific Coast Builder Conference, Builder 20 Groups, and many other new home sales and marketing trainings and conferences. He was selected to Professional Builder’s 40 Under 40 in 2019 and was the 2020 Silver Award Winner of “One to Watch” and is the Co-Host of “Building Perspective”, a weekly podcast specifically designed to help share best practices in the homebuilding industry.

Leah Fellows
Founder and President, Blue Gypsy Inc.
Leah began in new home sales after traveling around the world for 13 years as a backpacker, dive instructor and sailboat captain. Upon return she landed a site assistant’s role before becoming a successful Online Sales Counselor (OSC) for a large builder in Virginia Beach. With her degree in communication from Boston University she was an early adopter to social media and created content helping builders and associated businesses when she began Blue Gypsy Inc. in 2010. For the past 6 years Blue Gypsy Inc. has been laser focused to train successful OSC’s across the country.  Always giving back, Leah holds leadership roles with the Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) at the HBA of Metro Denver and the NAHB. Locally she services on the board and as chair of the Mentoring Committee. Nationally she serves as the vice chair of the Education and Communications sub-committee.  She is also a local member of the Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) and serves nationally on the NSMC Board of Trustees.

Ingrid Prince
General Sales Manager, Trendmaker Homes
Ingrid has over 15 years of experience working in the home building profession with over four years being an industry leader in sales leadership and online sales.  Her expertise in creating a meaningful experience for buyers and being in the forefront of using video technology for follow up has made Ingrid a highly sought-after individual. Ingrid has been a guest speaker at the International Builder Show and spoke on a key topic such as how social media marketing affects new home sales as well as the buyer’s journey from online to onsite.  She has also been a part of Do You Convert’s OSC Panel sharing best practices to online sales counselors across the country. Ingrid has appeared on Dallas’ highly rated morning news station, Good Morning Texas, speaking on various real estate market trends and sales. Ingrid has received several awards such as 2020 Dallas Builders Association McSam Award for Sales Manager/Director of the Year, 2019 Professional Builder 40 Under 40, National Association of Home Builders Silver Award for Online Sales Counselor of the Year for 2017 and is a Two-Time Award Winner of Dallas Builders Association McSam Award for Online Sales Counselor of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

Dennis O'Neil
President, O'Neil Interactive
Dennis O'Neil is a leading Internet sales and marketing thinker and doer with 20 years of building industry experience. Dennis founded ONeil Interactive to realize a more perfect customer experience after nearly a decade of leadership with a national builder. Guiding builders through markets with high-ROI strategies, ONeil Interactive has grown into a creative website design and marketing powerhouse. Dennis has authored two books and countless articles discussing his insights on how technology has impacted the sales and marketing processes and professions.

Megan English
Vice President, O'Neil Interactive
Megan English began her career in the home building industry in 2005 as an account representative for the Washington DC Metro/Baltimore New Home Directory and quickly gained perspective on the comprehensive business goals of the home building vertical. She made the transition to the agency world in 2010 and joined ONeil Interactive, a full-service marketing agency best known for its digital thought leadership. Megan is now the Vice President at ONeil Interactive and works diligently to cultivate the company’s marketing vision. Leading a team of ultra-talented creatives, Megan helps guide every ONeil Interactive client on a highly strategic road to more leads and better brand recognition. Megan has been a speaker at IBS, published in Builder Online, and was recently named to Professional Builder's Forty Under 40 for 2020.

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