Maximizing value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

You can find complete information on the Summits at You can also explore our Builder Innovator Content portal. It contains hundreds of general session video recordings, sponsor showcase pages, product spotlights and expert profiles. It’s an indexed, online collection of the people, companies, ideas, info and advice that make our Summits great!

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This uniquely powerful hosted-style event will host 300+ leaders from the nation's biggest and most progressive homebuilders. Their purpose is to expand and refine their tech plays and identify the vendors they’ll need to succeed in a rapidly growing and fast-changing market. 2019 guests will generate projected aggregate annual revenues of more than $65 billion and will build more than 275,000 housing units.

AE Ventures covers flights, hotel, meals and registration for leaders of top companies and provides structured peer networking and informative, inspirational general session content.

In recognition of these benefits, guests agree to attend the Summit from start to finish and follow a detailed itinerary that includes general sessions, boardroom presentations and one-on-one meetings with sponsors. Primary benefits for guests include the collection of best practices from peers and determining how to expand and improve their technology strategies.

The TecHome Product and Services Scope

2018 Key Stats and Facts on Guests


  • 121 guests
  • $74.8 billion aggregate revenue
  • $1 billion average annual revenue
  • 161,655 total number of homes built
  • 2,185 average number of homes built


  • 70 guests
  • $12 billion aggregate revenue
  • $246 million in average annual revenue
  • 89,707 total units constructed
  • 1,869 average units constructed


  • 60 guests
  • $574 million aggregate revenue
  • $11 million average annual revenue
  • 640 total number of homes built
  • 12 average number of homes
  • These are the thought leaders other luxury custom builders and even production builders will follow as they push the envelope on tech for their clients.
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