Why Should I Attend?

Get ahead of the curve on tech! Each Summit will host 150+ homebuilders—all expenses paid— for 48 hours of immersion in tech products, processes and strategy. Guests leave ready to go faster and further on tech. 

It also helps builders understand necessary process improvements and establish vendor relationships that lead to tech success.


Summit Tracks

Hosting top executives at high-volume homebuilders

Hosting top executives and property managers at multifamily homebuilders and operators.

Hosting owners and top executives at luxury homebuilders.

Reasons to Attend

Complimentary flight, hotel accommodations, registration, meals and more provided throughout the event. Your out-of-pocket expenses are next to nothing.

Connect in a structured, networking program with industry leader peers you can learn from. 

Have valuable engagements with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.

Immerse yourself in a broad cross-section of innovative products—it’s not just about home automation, AV and security, but also smart lighting and electrical systems; smart HVAC and IAQ; kitchen, bath and laundry tech; and smart water.

Increase your understanding of how to market and sell home tech to key homebuyer demographics.

Explore the opportunity, challenges and requirements for home technology, so you can make significant progress in your company’s tech strategy.

General Session Topics

August 17–19, 2021 | Louisville, KY


TecHome Builder 2025

What home tech will be wowing and wooing homebuyers in 2025? What sales and marketing tech will be yielding remarkable efficiencies and results for builders in 2025? Look ahead with one of our industry’s most perspicacious prognosticators!

Presenter: Tim Costello, President, BDX

HIVOL Sessions


LUX Sessions

Limited hosted seats are available, act now!

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