Why Should I Attend?

Get ahead of the curve on tech! Each Summit will host 150+ homebuilders—all expenses paid— for 48 hours of immersion in tech products, processes and strategy. Guests leave ready to go faster and further on tech. 

It also helps builders understand necessary process improvements and establish vendor relationships that lead to tech success.


Summit Tracks

Hosting top executives at high-volume homebuilders

Hosting top executives and property managers at multifamily homebuilders and operators.

Hosting owners and top executives at luxury homebuilders.

Reasons to Attend

Complimentary flight, hotel accommodations, registration, meals and more provided throughout the event. Your out-of-pocket expenses are next to nothing.

Connect in a structured, networking program with industry leader peers you can learn from. 

Have valuable engagements with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.

Immerse yourself in a broad cross-section of innovative products—it’s not just about home automation, AV and security, but also smart lighting and electrical systems; smart HVAC and IAQ; kitchen, bath and laundry tech; and smart water.

Increase your understanding of how to market and sell home tech to key homebuyer demographics.

Explore the opportunity, challenges and requirements for home technology, so you can make significant progress in your company’s tech strategy.

General Session Topics

August 17–19, 2021 | Louisville, KY


TecHome Builder 2025

What home tech will be wowing and wooing homebuyers in 2025? What sales and marketing tech will be yielding remarkable efficiencies and results for builders in 2025? Look ahead with one of our industry’s most perspicacious prognosticators!

Presenter: Tim Costello, President, BDX

HIVOL Sessions

The TecHome is an ever-evolving story of homebuyer tech wants and needs, with categories and applications constantly waxing and waning. In this session we dive deep on the differentiating, winning plays in four fabulous zones—the kitchen, the bathroom, the office and outdoors.

A major push is underway in California and other states toward all-electric homes. All-electric (especially for HVAC and water heating), puts homeowners in a position to fully benefit from solar power generation, storage, and distribution. In this session we’ll look at the ecosystem of products that can make all-electric a winner for builders and dive deep on how to sell and market the value proposition for positive differentiation.

Video doorbell, keyless locks, remote garage door control, exterior and interior surveillance, alarm systems, leak detection, basic automation like communicating thermostats and maybe exterior and entry lighting control—the typical collection of products and features offered these days as standards or top options for new homes. But what’s coming? We’ll be looking at higher performing and more tightly integrated options among the standard cast of characters and new features sets to arrive (like cyber security) and smart health security for your next generation play.


Here comes the next gen of young renters, with a new set of tech wants and needs. Are you ready for them? We’ll help you get there with insights into their psyches and buying profiles and insights on what they are expecting based on student housing experiences.

The hospitality industry is a constant source of ideas for tech in multifamily properties as residents continue to quest for lifestyle experiences that match what they get in hotels, resorts and clubs. In this session, we tap interior design experts from the hospitality space for their best ideas on what can be translated into multifamily.

Tech is increasingly connected to remote services and content that enable it to be subsidized and maintained as a service and treated as operating expenses instead of capital expenditures. In this session we look at the scope of tech that can be purchased both ways and the pros and cons of each model for each type of technology.

LUX Sessions

In the wake of a massive, harrowing pandemic, America turned to the frivolity of party times in what came to be called the Roaring 20s. A hundred years later are we headed back there? We hope so! So how will you deploy tech to accommodate the ostentatious partying goals of your luxury clients. We’ve got some ideas for you in this session.

The intake and sales process is one of the most common lux builder-integrator disconnects. Integrators tend to overwhelm, get too technical and emphasize features over benefits. They often don’t do good lifestyle discovery as a foundation to presentation and proposal. They sometimes can’t show, and demo systems as needed for the client to understand value. In this session, we’ll hear from builders and their integrator partners on a set of processes and techniques that have flipped intake and selling from weakness to strength. Can you make it happen, too?

Blending Nature & Tech to Delight Luxury Buyers
Immersion in nature is a go-to for relaxation and invigoration and more and more on the wish list for luxury clients both indoors and outside. In this session we tackle how you can team tech and nature for your buyers and achieve synergies that wow and turn clients into your raving fans!

Top Drawer Aesthetics for Tech--From Non-Disruptive to Invisible to Integrated with Design
The days of wall warts are disappearing. Literally! More and more tech is invisible in walls or ceiling, becoming part of the aesthetic design of the home or discretely tucked away where it belongs. We’ll walk you through the options that should now be part of the norm for tech in lux homes.

Limited hosted seats are available, act now!

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