Design, construction and operations executives from builders completing 100+ homes per year will benefit from attending the Design, Production & Prefab Solutions track of general sessions and boardroom presentations.

Guests will get insights into sound evaluation, justification and implementation of new technologies and techniques for design and production and take in case studies that will highlight keys to success, common pitfalls and productivity improvements to be realized. Boardrooms will offer flyover and deep dive style presentations on a wide variety of specialized solutions for builders.

Appropriate titles include:

  • Vice President, Director or Manager of Construction, Operations or Architecture/Design
  • CTO, CIO, VP, Director or Manager of IT (strong design, construction and operations applications focus)

Reasons to Attend

Complimentary flight, hotel accommodations, registration, meals and more provided throughout the event. Your out-of-pocket expenses are next to nothing.

Connect in a structured, networking program with industry leader peers you can learn from. 

Immerse yourself in a broad cross-section of solutions.

Increase your understanding of how to evaluate, justify and implement system solutions.

Have valuable engagements with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.

Learn from your peers about keys to successful implementation, common pitfalls and productivity improvements to be realized.

The Perks

All of the Summit's invited guests will be treated to complimentary:

Design, Production & Prefab Solutions Sponsor Categories

  • Design software
  • Computer aided drafting
  • Computer aided design
  • Plan sets & blueprint generating tools
  • 3D design & modeling tools
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Estimating & purchasing systems
  • Bid processing systems
  • Job costing systems
  • Digitizers & virtual take-off systems
  • Ordering & purchasing systems
  • Rebate administration systems
  • Production & project management systems
  • Scheduling & collaboration systems
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Jobsite robotics & drones
  • Precast concrete
  • Precut framing
  • Turnkey framing
  • Modular floor panels
  • Open wall panels
  • Closed wall panels
  • Roof trusses

Limited hosted seats are available, act now!

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