Marketing and sales technology decision makers and implementers from builders completing 100+ homes per year will benefit from attending the Marketing & Sales Solutions track of general sessions and boardroom presentations.

Guests will get insights into sound evaluation, justification and implementation techniques for marketing and sales solutions and take in case studies that will highlight keys to success, common pitfalls and productivity improvements to be realized. Boardrooms will offer flyover and deep dive style presentations on a wide variety of specialized solutions for builders.


Appropriate titles include:

  • Vice President, Director or Manager of Marketing, Digital Marketing, Design/Options
  • CTO, CIO, VP, Director or Manager of IT (strong marketing and sales tech applications focus)
  • Vice President, Director or Manager of Sales

Reasons to Attend

Complimentary flight, hotel accommodations, registration, meals and more provided throughout the event. Your out-of-pocket expenses are next to nothing.

Connect in a structured, networking program with industry leader peers you can learn from. 

Immerse yourself in a broad cross-section of solutions.

Increase your understanding of how to evaluate, justify and implement system solutions.

Have valuable engagements with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.

Learn from your peers about keys to successful implementation, common pitfalls and productivity improvements to be realized.

The Perks

All of the Summit's invited guests will be treated to complimentary:

Limited hosted seats are available, act now!

  • Data management platforms
  • DB marketing solutions
  • Email optimization
  • Email service providers
  • Integrated marketing management solutions
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing modeling/attribution
  • Predictive marketing platforms
  • Sales automation (CRMs)
  • Social marketing management
    • Social publishing platforms
    • Social promotion platforms
    • Social media
  • Visualization
  • Website creation & management
    • Community
    • Digital asset management
    • Feedback/surveys
    • Loyalty
    • Mobile web
    • Online video players
    • Site performance & optimization
    • Social content & forums
    • Social login/Sharing
    • Tag management
    • Translation
    • Web analytics
    • Website content management
  • Website personalization & optimization
    • AB/MV testing
    • Animation
    • B2B personalization
    • Chat
    • Galleries
    • Interactive floor plans
    • Landing pages
    • Online options catalogs and selection software
    • Real time messages/offers
    • Recommendation
    • Renderings
    • SEO platforms/tools
    • Videos
    • Virtual Tour
  • Online listing service and other media
  • Physical Sales Environments
    • Design center AV & automation
    • Sales center AV & automation
  • Architecture, Design & Production System
  • Integrations
  • In-Progress & Post-sale Customer Experience
    • Construction monitoring and updates
    • Warranty, repair and maintenance communications

August 10, 2020

The Online Buying Traits of Millennials
How do millennials buy online, from small ticket items to major durable goods purchases like cars? What cues do these decision factors give us into the online buying experience they expect for a new home? How can we up the game of the homebuilding online buying experience to beat the used home online buying experience for millennials? In this session, we’ll tackle these, and other critical questions, regarding this most important of all homebuying cohorts!

Engagement & Response Doorbusters
You really can’t take a year, or even a half year, off with tech. There’s always a new wave of technology, products and applications coming to market that you can use to delight your customers and further differentiate the homes you build. In this session, we’ll tackle developments with natural user interfaces, artificial intelligence, superfast fiber and 5G, cloud connectivity, advanced materials and more. We’ll give special consideration to healthy home tech, which could be the next wave of hit home technology, following behind the smart home security boom. Experts will provide you the skinny on the latest tech, so you can fatten up your tech standards and options and boost the appeal of your homes.

Combined Keynote: 2020 Re-Vision—Home Tech & Homebuilding Tech in the Post Pandemic Market
Necessity is the mother of invention and the mother of market inflections! The lifestyle and economic shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic are driving both short and long-term changes in homebuyer tech wants and needs and in the application of technology to the homebuilding business. This session will cover tech products and applications that are on the rise in the wake of COVID-19. Think connected-productive WFH tech; connected-high-performance-AV-enjoyment at home; healthy home; e-socializing optimized homes; fully digital homebuyer journeys and more!

August 11, 2020

AI in the New Home Digital Marketing & Sales Automation Realm
Artificial intelligence is all about analyzing complexity for insight and distilling it into action. And there is no more complex realm of consumer marketing and selling than the new home, so let’s understand and start using the tools. This session provides a primer on the applications of AI to the homebuilding industry, a look at the results of some early efforts and “how-to” guidance on getting started and evolving your play.

Leveraging Tech to Maximize Options Sales
We’re well past the inflection point of deploying tech to maximize option sales and drive downstream efficiencies. Now it’s all about expanding, fine tuning and taking our game to the next level. In this session, we’ll cover the current baseline of implementation and ROI, and vision the improvements that will drive even higher levels of sell-through and greater downstream efficiencies.

August 12, 2020

Optimizing Digital Listings & Social Media Platforms
Digital sales and marketing start out at the edge with your media partners and platforms, each with its own set of strategies and tactics required for success. In this session we’ll cut across a wide range of common platforms, their strengths and weaknesses, and what creative strategies work best. We’ll also address how to carry inquiries forward on your own sites and platforms and keep your sales traction and velocity growing and flowing.

Limited hosted seats are available, act now!

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