Maximizing value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

You can find complete information on the Summits at You can also explore our Builder Innovator Content portal. It contains hundreds of general session video recordings, sponsor showcase pages, product spotlights and expert profiles. It’s an indexed, online collection of the people, companies, ideas, info and advice that make our Summits great!

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Evolve or Lose!

Join 300+ leaders looking to expand and refine their tech plays and identify the partners they need to succeed.

Make Tech a Strategic Asset

A typical trade show focuses on new products of all kinds, but at the TecHome Builders Summits, we focus on helping builders and multifamily companies learn how to turn tech into a strategic asset.

Our team goes further by developing a broad and deep collection of innovative products and vendors. In addition, our sponsors are guided on how to best understand the needs of guests to present more pertinent information.

You won’t just hear about product features, benefits and advantages. You’ll also hear proof of performance examples and all the supports that go along with products to make them successful

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Feel too good to be true?

  • The TecHome Builder Summits have been immersing builders and multifamily companies in key concepts, products, vendors and processes to help them expand and improve their home tech strategies since 2014.
  • In 2022, we will host over 300 VIP leaders who will generate projected aggregate annual revenues of more than $100+ billion and will build more than 300,000 housing units.
  • Our events are consistently rated 4+ stars by both our guests and sponsors - they love the experience!
  • Guests are provided a detailed itinerary based on their preferences that includes thought-provoking general sessions, boardroom presentations and one-on-one meetings with sponsors.
  • Plus, our all-expenses paid, hosted model includes our unique not-a-waste-of-time guarantee.

General Session Topics

In addition to boardroom presentations, 1:1 meetings, and networking opportunities, the TecHome Builder Summits present thought-provoking general sessions with discussions around the emerging growth and latest opportunities to help your business grow and stay ahead of the competition. This year's sessions will include:


  • THB Masters - Profiles in Courage & Continuous Home Tech Innovation

High Volume Track

  • Devising, Marketing & Selling Tech Standards and Upgrades: Today and Tomorrow's 1-2 Punches
  • Integrating Tech and Overall Home Design: Improving Ideation & MEPT Plans
  • Tech Trends Round Up: Platforms and User Interfaces, WFH, Healthy Home, Smart Clean Energy, Lighting Experiences, Outdoor and More
  • Home Tech Vendors and Subcontractor Criteria: How To Successfully Evaluate, Select, Manage and Collaborate
  • Optimizing The Home Tech Ownership Experience: From Remote Monitoring and Management to System Expansions

Luxury Home Track

  • Integrating Tech, Home Design and the Ownership Experience: Client Ideation, MEPT Plans and Managed Maintenance
  • Designing and Delivering Smart, Beautiful Natural and Artificial Light: Products, Processes, and Know-How
  • Lux Tech Design Book: User Interfaces, WFH, Entertainment, Smart Clean Energy, Outdoor and More
  • Form Follows Function: Using Digital Sales and Marketing Tech to Present and Sell Lux Home Tech
  • Tech and the Wellness Wheel: Beyond Air, Water and Light

Multi-Family Track

  • State of the Smart Apartment: Essential Satisfiers, Exciters and Delighters
  • Shared Space Tech: A Lifecycle Management Approach
  • Units and Shared Space Experiences: Consolidating Work-from-Home, Gaming and Entertainment
  • How to Get an "A" from GenZ: Leveraging Tech to Win the Up-and-Coming Rental Cohort
  • Improving ESG Impact in Multifamily Properties with Tech: Benefits, Goals and Reporting


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