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General Session Topics

August 17–19, 2021 | Louisville, KY


Leveraging Tech as a Competitive Weapon

The era of do-I-do-tech? is over for builders. Tech has become one of the primary competitive battlefields for builder vs. builder and, most of all, builder vs. used home. How do you change attitudes? How do you develop solid competitive intelligence on both the tech in your homes and the tech you use to sell, market, manage and produce? How do you get process in place that enables you to go faster but not too fast, to be solid in your continuous innovation? Our keynoter will provide the keys and examples that will help you rev-up to win!

HIVOL Sessions

Demand for healthy home tech features is rising fast and many high-volume builders are looking to establish standard offers and popular upgrade paths. In this session, we review the key components of healthy homes ranging from air and water quality to lighting, temperature and humidity and propose three great standard-plus-options strategies you can use to lift overall demand for your homes and get the buyers the package of benefits they are looking for.

A confluence of forces including forecasts for powerful storms, government incentives for alternative energy generation, the ability to monetize energy generation and most of all technology innovation is driving more and more homebuyers to look for energy independence in the next home they buy. In this session, we’ll cover the options you can offer buyers in nearly every market band. Give the people what they want!

New tech-forward products are flooding the kitchen and bath, but we are never going to get sell-through for them until we start showing and telling the story of the customer experience that comes with them. In the kitchen, what conveniences are added, how is cooking made easier and more fun and more social, how does the social kitchen light up for family and guests in the kitchen and elsewhere, how does food prep and health improve? What are the vignettes and scenarios? Likewise in the bath—what are the five senses experiences? The health and wellness benefits? Answer the questions with compelling marketing and selling and will up the take rates and really positively differentiate the kitchens and baths of new homes vs. new. This session will show you the way!

There just no half-a**ing it! Builders need to take ownership for the quality of tech installed in their homes. They need to make sure they’ve picked the products, hired the subs and put the controls in place that ensure tech adds the value it promised when sold to the buyer. We’ll showcase best practices you can adopt and adapt to get on top of tech quality!


Buyers and renters are looking for homes that support their health and sense of personal well-being. Can you give the people what they want? We look at the options to consider for both new condo and rental property development and rental property retrofit. As important we’ll look at the ways you can use health and wellness tech features to differentiate your properties and justify higher prices and rates.

A new generation of architectural audio AND architectural video are changing the game on media technology in multifamily units and shared space. This show and tell session will get you up to speed on the experiences and value propositions you can offer with today’s architectural AV and look it how to package or price their inclusion in units and justify investments in shared space.

Almost every multifamily property operator wants to foster community among residents. A positive sense of community in properties make condos more desirable and rental units harder to leave. And, while community apps and other community tech like digital signage and amenity scheduling software can be part of your community building strategy, the big question is how to get residents to fully utilize them and realize the benefits? In this session, we’ll examine real world examples of how marrying apps for access control and account management with community app technology creates synergies, drives usage and makes for happy camper residents.

We’re on the hunt for the new tech differentiators for your shared space amenities and will unveil the cool stuff we found and dreamed up in Louisville. Just you wait! Just you wait!

LUX Sessions

Health and wellness are powerful forces into today’s new homes, but it’s a different game for the lux market. What should you be offering your clients as standard and upgrades to assure them they are getting a cut above the mainstream market and how do you do it all with style—make it look great, feel great and not disrupt your clients’ Epicurean lifestyle aspirations? This is the session that will show you the way on products, positioning and leveraging health wellness to win more and better buyers!

Lux homebuyers have always had a penchant for self-reliance and the money to make it real. This session addresses the timely topic of delivering electrical power independence to that buyer. From the piece and parts you’ll need to assemble the mighty power systems lux homes typically require to add-ons that condition power quality throughout the home, manage it effectively and the design elements required to make in unobtrusive, we’ve got you covered!

High performance audio and video systems have been part of the lux tech home for so long it’s hard to believe there’s anything new to be done with category. Dead wrong! In the last few years architectural video has popped alongside architectural audio creating new experience options and improved aesthetics. Immersive sound formats done right create wow effects for family time and entertaining. The wide world of sources for audio and video content creates opportunities and problems lux builders and their integrators need to address. And then there’s the outdoors. This session will show you how to refresh on AV in your lux homes and deliver your clients the best of the best.

What good is a beautifully designed and engineered home system that buyers don’t trust, aren’t comfortable with or barely use. The crazy aunt in the basement with home tech has always been unmet expectations on user experience, often because the buyer and all the occupant users aren’t appropriately trained, refreshed and supported on use of the tech products. This session tackles the thorny issue with good processes and prospects you can use to make your “Out of the Box” tech experience an “ah” or “wow” and not an “argh”!


What your customers will say about you at the end of their homebuyer journey can either make you or break you. You can look at it as noise to rise above or an opportunity to enhance customer experience and build your brand. Our panel of experts share the best tools and techniques to streamline customer communication, receive ongoing feedback and turn compliments into rave reviews.

A lot has changed since the pandemic and it’s important to keep an eye on consumer behavior to help you understand how homebuyers shop both online and off. In this session we’ll talk about messenger, chat bots, self-touring and buying homes completely online. You’ll learn what’s working, what’s not, and how to accelerate and amplify the best applications and approaches.

Your hand held device likely knows more about you and your personal preferences than your own spouse. We already trust AI to manage our retirement portfolios, and soon it’ll replace the trusted real estate agent. We’re going to discuss the future of homebuying and the role of AI, starting with what’s available today and looking into the near future.

49% of new home salespeople never follow up with their prospects. Biggest excuses? Not enough time and don’t know how to effectively engage their clients. We’ll discuss the latest in Client Relationship Management Software that gives you insight into client behavior so you can reach them at the right time with the right message. Our experts will discuss best practices for auto-responders, follow-up automation, push notifications and more.

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