Maximizing value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

You can find complete information on the Summits at You can also explore our Builder Innovator Content portal. It contains hundreds of general session video recordings, sponsor showcase pages, product spotlights and expert profiles. It’s an indexed, online collection of the people, companies, ideas, info and advice that make our Summits great!

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Guest Feedback


“You guys are continually keeping the builders engaged and keeping them in the conversation.”

Chad Williams
Owner, Calisto Homes


"The potential partnerships that you’re exploring here with the vendors with the one-on-one time have been great. I’ve actually enjoyed it because it’s more of an intimate setting where they can learn about you, you can learn about them and determine whether you think it’s going to be a good fit both ways. And, if you do, it’s a great platform to be able to take it to the next level.”

Daniel Hopkins
VP of Operations and Land Development, Jeff Benton Homes


“Coming here to get the education about the different platforms, the different installers, the different new products that are coming, it’s absolutely mind-blowing, but it’s fun and exciting to see where the future is going. If you’re not here, you’re missing the education. I wish I had four or five members of our management team here to see what I see.”

Greg Sewell
Sales Manager, Westin Homes


“I’ve been coming to these Summits for four or five years now and I’m getting so much value out of them. They’re really important to our company, especially right now as the whole market is changing. And, if you’re not changing, you’re going to be left behind.”

Stephen Kromer
Vice President, Kromer Investments


“It’s a great event. I love coming. I love how in depth I get with each vendor. It’s been a very beneficial event for me to come to.”

Jason Hansen
VP of Operations, Joyce Homes

Sponsor Feedback


“It’s not just the one-on-ones and boardrooms, but it’s all the time you get to meet with the builders. The lunches, the networking, you just get to build better relationships, and it’s all built around relationships. When you’re at bigger shows, it’s really overwhelming and they’re not going to remember a lot of what they saw or what they said, let alone every person that they met. You’re losing that relationship. At the TecHome Builder Summit, they remember you, and it’s just easier to connect with them from that standpoint.”

Cindy Welsh
Director of Sales for New Construction, RWC


“We really love the TecHome Builder Summit. It’s been tremendous. The opportunity to do the one-on-ones, boardrooms, speaking engagement opportunities on the big stage. You deliver it all, including the booth space. It’s more intimate. It’s difficult to be intimate at a big show, where at the Summit, we really get close with the folks who are there. It’s been really effective.”

Paul Cardis
CEO, Avid Ratings


“The TecHome Builder Summit is amazing. It actually prepares us, not like at other shows. We know right up front with whom we are going to meet. We get the guest profiles in advance so we can go through those and research. We know exactly how many homes they build, what their budget is and what their pain points are. It’s very effective.”

Sagar Gupta
EVP of Design and Digital Marketing, Biorev


"Normally we’re hopping over different gatekeepers and trying to find a different decision-maker. Whereas, here, we got one-on-one time with the exact key decision-makers that we need to talk to from the beginning. So, they’re able to pull the trigger right there and then."

Shawn Tramble
VP of Sales, Aquor


“I believe you have really figured out the formula of bringing people together in a show atmosphere without having to worry about hoping certain customers come by. I love your format because it is precise. We have the opportunity for 30 meetings with builders we want to see and who are decision-makers. I think you’ve got the greatest program out there.”

Boyd Sheets
Regional Sales Manager, Delta Products

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