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The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

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Builder/Multifamily Company Push for Progress on Home Tech Accelerates at TecHome Builder Spring 2023

Event connects tech leaders from builders and multifamily companies representing $74 billion in annual revenue and 157,000 housing units built/managed with dozens of innovative vendors in Charlotte, NC.

Builders and multifamily companies are all-in on home tech as a powerful competitive weapon and in-demand feature set for today’s buyers and renters. It showed at the TecHome Builder Summit Spring 2023, March 13-15 in Charlotte, NC. More than 100 tech leaders from single-family builders and multifamily companies joined 82 leading tech company sponsors for 48 hours of idea and information sharing and to explore collaborations. Their engagement will lead to more robust home tech offers and improve the processes required for delivering high-quality tech experiences and benefits to buyers and residents. Guests represented companies building/managing 157,000 housing units and $74 billion in annual revenue.

Guests gave the event a 4.7/5.0 star rating for overall value and quality in the post-event survey. They voiced appreciation for the quality of presentations from and meetings with sponsor companies, the general session content programs and networking elements that drove the formation and enhancement of peer relationships. TecHome Builder Summit attendees are the leaders and strivers on home tech and recognize there is a community of builder innovators that needs to support each other in their mutual quest to deliver on the promise of technology for buyers, residents, their companies and trade partners.

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Sponsors recognized strong value in the quality of the guest audience which featured 41 first-time guests and their high level of interest in and engagement on tech. Home tech tends to be a small sliver of what other builder trade show and event organizers address, tending to result in low-interest levels in tech among audience members.
Sponsors also sang the praises of AE Ventures’ unique hosted event format which features content to focus and inspire attendees and a variety of scheduled, guaranteed engagement options including one-on-one meetings, boardroom presentations to small groups and general session presentations thought leadership before entire guest segments.

Guest Survey Feedback:

  • It’s almost impossible for me to narrow down what I liked to just one thing! Every little detail contributed to making this a huge success. Charlotte was beautiful. The sponsors were absolutely fantastic, and the guests and hosts were beyond welcoming.
  • I enjoyed the whole layout and presentation of the Summit.  It was exceptionally planned out with an abundance of knowledgeable sponsors and presentations and possibilities to meet other builders in the industry.
  • I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but this exceeded anything I could’ve imagined. I learned so much and made so many valuable connections!
  • I enjoyed seeing products firsthand by the people who know them best. It is exciting to see what is on the horizon as well. I came back motivated to incorporate these ideas to my company the best way that I can.
  • I liked the chance to figure out what we are missing out on and then the chance to meet with the people that make it happen.
  • This is a great way to get information on upcoming technologies and a great way to compare what you are doing in comparison to other builders. 
  • I always come away with something new. It is a good opportunity to meet with vendors and learn more about what they do and how they are positioned in the industry.
  • It was very informative, educational, relevant, and well-planned out.

Sponsor Survey Feedback:

  • THBS is always a great way to meet potential customers and business partners.
  • Great multifamily attendees.
  • I always get something good from the show, and the staff is fantastic.
  • This was an excellent event. I would recommend it to others.
  • Excellent mix of new builders with some previous ones to speak to about our brand. 
  • The builders genuinely wanted to receive quality information. They were engaged and everyone seemed interested in our product offerings.
  • We met so many builders in a two-day period.
Starting in November, the TecHome Builder Summit will co-locate with its sister event, the Housing Transformation Summit, as part of Builder Innovator Week (BIW). Several tours and learning experiences will also be part of the mix. The combined BIW features provide builders and multifamily companies the opportunity to make extraordinary progress on home technology, digital transformation and innovation generally. Vendors and solution providers that focus on these categories will have the opportunity to present to and meet with builder innovators that are leaning into what they offer and do.
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