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The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

You can find complete information on the Summits at You can also explore our Builder Innovator Content portal. It contains hundreds of general session video recordings, sponsor showcase pages, product spotlights and expert profiles. It’s an indexed, online collection of the people, companies, ideas, info and advice that make our Summits great!

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  • Excellence of Process
  • Collaboration processes for establishing and evolving tech merchandise assortments/offers, including setting standards and developing options packages if applicable
  • Collaboration processes for analyzing/justifying tech investments
  • Collaboration processes for designing, engineering and planning installation of tech systems
  • Collaboration processes for marketing and selling tech
  • Collaboration processes for onboarding, educating and support homeowners and residents on their tech
  • Excellence in Application
    • Single-Family
      • Whole-Home Systems
      • HVAC and IAQ
      • Lighting & Electrical
      • Water Management
      • Home Automation
      • Security
      • Distributed & Architectural AV
      • Kitchen & Bathroom Tech
      • Tech for the Owners & Guest Suite
      • Tech for Kids Rooms
      • Tech for Great Rooms & Dining Rooms
      • Tech for the Garage/Workshop
      • Outdoor Tech
      • Work-From-Home/Today’s Home Offices/Studios
      • Health & Wellness Tech
      • Tech-Nature Integrations
      • Sleep-Enhancing Tech
      • Smart, Clean Power Tech
      • Beautiful & Wow Tech for Luxury Homes
      • Affordable Tech for Starter Homes
      • Perfectly Packaged Tech for Specific Homebuyer Profiles/Markets
    • Multifamily
      • In-Unit Tech
      • Affordable Market
      • Middle Market
      • Luxury Market
      • Shared Space/Amenity Tech
      • Affordable Market
      • Middle Market
      • Luxury Market
      • Tech/Applications Borrowed from Hospitality Industry
      • Opex Savings Tech
      • Revenue Generation Tech & Services
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