Maximizing value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

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TecHome Builder Summit Spring Drives Builders and Multifamily Companies Forward on Home Tech

Event connects tech leaders from builders and multifamily companies representing $78 billion in 2022 revenue and 230,000 housing units built/managed with dozens of innovative vendors in Louisville.

It was a challenge recruiting VIP builder and multifamily guests in the midst of historic demand and supply chain pressures in residential construction, but the team at AE Ventures once again got the job done. The event delivered 105 guests to 75 sponsors for three days of presentations and meetings at the beautiful Kentucky International Convention May 10-12. Guest companies represented $78 billion in annual revenue and 230,000 housing units built/managed per year.

Presenting a strong program of content focused as much on necessary process improvement alongside product and application trends, the TecHome Builder Summit reaffirmed its mission of driving extraordinary progress on home tech for builders and multifamily companies.

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The key overall indicators of event quality and customer satisfaction were stronger than ever as well.

  • Star Ratings: Guests 4.6 | Sponsors 4.1
  • Net Promoter Scores: Guests +66 | Sponsors +29

Guest Survey Feedback:

  • It is a fantastic event to learn about cutting edge technology, connect with potential new products, and to collaborate with other builders. The one-on-one set up for meeting with vendors is very beneficial on the guest side. It is much more productive to have scheduled time with people that think you can benefit from their product.
  • Overall a great event that I will continue to support.
  • I always walk away with great information and new ideas to implement.
  • Great content! Attending these summits helps us stay on forefront of new products and solutions.
  • The location was very fun. Looking forward to new locations. The rest of the Summit was as beneficial as it has always been. I really find value in the one-on-ones.
  • These summits encompass a breadth and depth of content. Expertly moderated at a fast, but reasonable pace.
  • It was better than I expected. I liked the format with the board rooms and the 1 on 1 sessions. It was fun to meet builders from all over the US.
  • Great exposure to a wide array of vendors, innovative presentation formats, and good (fast) pace for duration of the conference.
  • The event is well organized and very beneficial.
  • I enjoyed connecting with industry professionals and fellow developers.
  • I left understanding many aspects of Tech that wasn’t clear to me, and how to implement it in my construction.
  • The event provides an efficient forum to gather up to date information in the home tech space.

Sponsors Survey Feedback:

  • Great atmosphere. Great networking. Relaxed atmosphere. One-on-one interactions with builders and decision-makers.
  • Our company hugely benefited from the opportunity to present our products to a room of builders and high-quality leads.
  • We noticed that the builders come prepared to have technical based conversations about how to improve in the industry.
  • Appointments & boardrooms well attended, great builder participation
  • The ability to have one-on-one conversations with high quality leads is invaluable.
  • Lots of good meetings with medium sized builders that often fly under the radar.
  • Really loved the opportunity to connect one on one with so many incredible people and companies.
  • I appreciated the opportunity to meet regional builders from the area.
  • I like the pre-established meeting model and the sessions were quite good as well.

Summit participants deployed across three tracks of general session content and vendor deep-dive boardroom presentations (HiVOL, LUX and MultiFam). The Summit also featured announcement of the of the second class of Arc of Achievement Honorees.

“TecHome Builder Spring 2022 once again confirmed the effectiveness of the AE Ventures hosted-event model and provided further evidence of TecHome Builder’s ability to move the needle on tech for builders,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “We were able to deliver a quality, motivated audience of VIP guests.  In addition, our content is taking on long-standing industry disconnects and driving overdue process improvements that will help builders and their trade partners get tech right for their buyers and companies.”

For more info on AE Ventures future events for innovative builders, multifamily companies and vendors, contact Nancy Franco at

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