Maximizing value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

The TecHome Builder and Housing Transformation Summits are now co-located and integrated to maximize value, opportunity and convenience for sponsors and guests.

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TecHome Builder Summit Fall Helps “All-In” Builders and Multifamily Companies Drive Forward on Home Tech

Event connects tech leaders from builders and multifamily companies representing $100 billion in 2022 revenue and 272,000 housing units built/managed with dozens of innovative vendors in Phoenix.

AE Ventures pushed powerful builders and multifamily companies to expand their home tech offers and improve the processes required for increased quality and profitability at the TecHome Builder Summit Fall. The event delivered almost 150 guests to 91 sponsors for three days of presentations and meetings at the Phoenix Convention Center October 4-6. Guest companies represented $100 billion in annual revenue and 272,000 housing units built/managed per year.

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Responses to the post-Summit survey show a strong reception to the event with star-ratings as follows:

  • 5.0 stars MULTIFAM Guests
  • 4.5 stars LUX Guests
  • 4.4 stars HIVOL Guests

Guest Survey Feedback:

  • This was my first Tech Summit and OH MY GOSH it was SUCH an eye-opener! AE Ventures puts on a very well-oiled, well planned and structured event! Everyone I met and everything I learned is, for sure, to be a game changer in my business!! Can’t wait for the next one!!
  • I learned a great deal about smart home tech, who is developing/supporting the technology, and I got to meet the organizations without feeling that I had to commit to any sales/purchasing. I am free to work out what my company needs and have resources to assist in making it happen.
  • The hosted guest style allows for much better connection-making with vendors and allows guests to better evaluate the effectiveness of the product/service and whether or not it applies to their business.
  • Was engaged the entire time, met reps for products I use and would like to use in the future, learned about new products and benefits I wasn’t previously aware of
  • Having many of the tech players in one location is a great way to learn quickly about what is available and changing in the industry.
  • I love building and learning about new products, this show is very informative and well-organized for maximum results.
  • It was well-organized. The sponsors were kind and informative. The events were fun and gave me an opportunity to see new projects in the industry.
  • Great mix of vendors and attendees. The general sessions were also great.
  • Small and intimate. Solid foundational knowledge of industry trends and practices. Great networking.

Summit participants deployed across three tracks of general session content and vendor deep-dive boardroom presentations (HiVOL, LUX and MultiFam). The Summit also featured announcement of the of the 2022 TecHome Brilliance Awards for innovative home technology and services.

“TecHome Builder Fall 2022 once again confirmed the effectiveness of the AE Ventures hosted-event model and provided further evidence of TecHome Builder’s ability to move the needle on tech for builders,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “We were able to deliver a quality, motivated audience of VIP guests—our largest since the pandemic!  In addition, our content is taking on long-standing industry disconnects and driving overdue process improvements that will help builders and their trade partners get tech right for their buyers and companies.”

For more info on AE Ventures future events for innovative builders, multifamily companies and vendors, contact Nancy Franco at

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